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  1. Hi. good job on the merchanting and what not, and the quest cape is very impressive :-) Maybe one day before I go back to school I'll pop on and say hello, it's been a long, long time! -GRENADE ;-)
  2. Rahila


    Also posted on the first page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSjaM9E2gr4 Video and song blew my [bleep]in mind
  3. Thank you so much for posting that sqx...can't wait for the release of this EP sounds like it'l be amazing!
  4. Enter shikari is my favorite band. I actually made a thread about them, its been dying down a bit but it should be somewhere in the first couple pages of the forum! And have you heard the live versions of their new song "destabilize"? going to be [bleep]ing amazing...
  5. What exactly are fish oils good for? And do they leave like a fishy aftertaste in your mouth?
  6. I don't post all that much in off topic, so I'm not sure if a thread like this has been around before, but if it has go ahead and lock this. I've been having some pretty crazy (very vivid) dreams lately and a few weeks ago I actually had my first rememberable lucid dream. A lucid dream is essentially when you are aware that you are dreaming and continue to dream without waking up. In my lucid dream I had no idea that it was a dream until for some odd reason, I subconsciously told the person whom I was talking to in my dream that "you are in my dream right now". At this point it clicked that I was dreaming yet I didn't wake up. The person whom I was talking to in my dream told me to prove to him that I was dreaming, so I looked outside at the sun, somehow managed to make it drop out of the sky while the moon simultaneously rose into the sky. This was my subconscious way of telling him I was dreaming, because I have no idea what made me inclined to do that, haha. So I woke up remembering the dream, and went to researching a bit about lucid dreaming. I thought it was pretty cool that I could do this (this, being making the sun fall and the moon rise) and apparently you can "train" yourself to lucid dream and you can do all sorts of cool things. I had this conversation with my friends the other day: If you could (maybe you already can) lucid dream, what would you do in your dreams? Next time I lucid dream, I'm probably going attempt to: -fly -breathe underwater (I've done this before in non-lucid dreams) -take drugs (I had a dream where I smoked weed, and I LEGITIMATELY felt high in my dream, similar to how you feel pain in dreams) -do some sweet snowboarding tricks (I have a lot of snowboarding dreams for some reason haha) -talk to famous people that inspire me -Of course, if I ran into a my bangin hot dream girl, I may go ahead and spit a little dream game on her and see where that takes me. What would you do?
  7. So was this along with the past dung update the completion of dungeoneering batch 2?? (just curious)
  8. ...? Lil wayne's health recipe?
  9. well, (*knocks on wood*) I haven't gotten sick in over 3 months now, which is a record for me ever since high school... I go back to college in a week so hopefully my newer healthier ways along with some daily multivitamin, vitamin C, and zinc pills will do the trick to keep me much more healthy than last year :mrgreen:
  10. Rahila


    You obviously didn't read through the whole topic you [bleep]. I'm not a whiny d-bag by disagreeing that this band sounds like the god-awful band "brokencyde"...Many times I told saru and others that I'm not saying Enter shikari is "the best band ever and better than every other band"...I'm simply trying to spread the word of what I consider to be a good band and see you're thoughts. I'm going to argue and disagree when people like saru make [developmentally delayed]ed posts like he did. Now your post has no relevance to what this thread is all about so either contribute something meaningful to the thread or go talk [cabbage] somewhere else you ass.
  11. You really suck at being a troll, maybe that's why he was calling you a '[bleep]ing idiot'. Maybe, maybe. Or maybe I wasn't really trying? And I know exactly he was calling me a [bleep]ing idiot. Because I made fun of his favorite band >.> It's not just that. It's the way that you make fun of them that seriously just makes you sound moronic. I mean, snap out of your giggly little dream world over there and just RE-READ your first post on this thread...
  12. Rahila


    Good honest review. And yea, the accent was a bit strange for me at first too but I became accustomed to it and now I really like it :P Mind me asking what songs of theirs you listened to? Their new stuff is drastically different from their old stuff.
  13. saru you are such a [bleep]ing idiot man...grow up already Annnnnnnnd +1 for the troll. ha who are you referring to as the troll. Cause personally I think my post was well thought out and VERY necessary...
  14. saru you are such a [bleep]ing idiot man...grow up already
  15. Rahila


    I'm so excited to see them this november when they're headlining in the U.S. It will be such a better set than warped tour, and the lights will be badass :cool:
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