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  1. Hey Leik long time no talk just wanted to say hi and that ily <3: Good luck on your goals :)
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QspuCt1FM9M I love Justin so much that I wish all his songs were 8x longer!
  3. Honestly Jagex should just put a casino type place in game just so people can risk their money without getting scammed.
  4. Decided I was bored of Runescape and was getting too old for it so I staked my 300m and lost it all. Later everyone
  5. How are you prepared to deal with the return of real world trading and its side effects (autoers/hackers/stolen credit cards)?
  6. <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: Oh and <3:
  7. Hey guys thanks! So to keep this blog up to date I've decided to merch a little since I still have like 2 weeks left until free trade. So here was a small merch to pick things back up Also another random level as well
  8. Nothing you're just artsy and cool :3

  9. WHAT DID I DO?!? D:

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