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  1. I won't be gone forever from my main. I'll probably come back in a year or so to finish off getting comp cape, maybe. I am going to be a bit smarter with this account though - I will be merching a lot more, and I pretty much have the cash for extremes + turmoil + all gear I will ever need EVER, so any money I make from 99 Slayer/Barrows trips will be going towards merching, and buying some ridiculous gear (PVP equipment etc.) for some turmoil rapage. I actually have my list of what I intend to buy right here, I might post it. Dungeoneering Items: 1. Arc Stream 2. Scroll of Cleansing 3. Scroll of Life 4. Ring of Vigour 5. Rapier 6. Crossbow 7. Rigour 8. Maul 9. Staff 10. Longsword Total for this section - FREE!!! Cheap PKing Items: 10 of Each Skillcape I have - Spare cash 100 Black D'hide Sets - 1.87m 100 DDS's - 2.31m 50 Dragon Scimitars - 3.925m 50 Spirit Shields - 2.42m 25 Hand Cannons - 3.06m 25 Korasi's Swords - 6.25m 20 Granite Mauls - 0.594m 20 Dragon Maces - 0.646m 20 Dragon Longswords - 1.204m 5 Dragon Battleaxes - 0.604m 1 Dragon Halberd - 0.203m 100 Magic Shortbows - 0.0887m 50 Prossy Sets - 1.41m 50 Red Mystic Sets - 5.98m 100 Sets of Barrows Gloves - 10m 100 Sets of Rune Gloves - 500k 100 Sets of Rune Boots - 1.51m 100 Rune Platebodies - 3.89m 100 Rune Platelegs - 3.83m 50 Ancient Staves - 3.525m 50 Seers' Helmets - 2.425m 25 Archer's Helmets - 1.405m 10 Warrior's Helmets - 0.509m 100 Berserker Helmets (e) - 8.38m 100 Amulets of Glory - 3.73m 100 Amulets of Strength - 0.125m 10 Amulets of Magic - Negligible 20 Combat Bracelets - 0.654m 20 Rings of Wealth - 0.758m 20 Skills Necklaces - 0.474m 20 Ruby Necklaces (Digsite Pendant) - 0.1m 500 Rings of Recoil - 0.411m 50 Rings of Life - 0.371m 100 Rune Defenders - Free 20 Rune Kiteshields - 0.744m 100 Ava's Accumulators - 0.2m 100 Rune Crossbows - 0.97m 10 Karil's Crossbows - 1.7m 5 Dark Bows - 1.69m 2 Crystal Bows - 1.852m 200 Dragon Arrows (p+++) - 0.573m 2 Dharok's Greataxes - 1.375m 25 Snakeskin Boots - 0.275m 2k Bolt Racks - 0.848m 10k Rune Arrows - 1.91m 5k Hand Cannon Shot - 1.22m 200 Dragon Bolts (e) - 0.806m 5k Broad Bolts - 0.495m 500 Rune Bolts - 0.416m 500 Ruby Bolts (e) - 0.201m 500 Diamond Bolts (e) - 0.505m 10k Rune Darts - 1.12m 500 Dragon Darts - 0.15m 500 Obby Rings - 0.116m 5 Obby Mauls - 0.15m 1 Berserker Necklace - 4m 1 Regen Brace - 0.15m 25k Deaths - 7.05m 10k Bloods - 2.9m 5k Souls - 2.725m 100k Fires, Airs - 0.9m 50k Waters - 0.75m 25k Earths - 0.275m 50k Bodies, Minds - 0.35m 1k Nats - 0.127m 1k Cosmics - 0.123m 5k Chaos - 0.27m 5k Laws - 1.03m 20k Astrals - 2.32m 500 House Tabs - 0.279m 100 Varrock Tabs - 0.0532m 100 Fally Tabs - 0.0548m 100 Camelot Tabs - 0.0521m 100 Lumbridge Tabs - 0.0481m 100 Ardougne Tabs - 0.0831m 20 Obby Capes - 0.736m 50 Mystic Boots - 0.303m 5k Monkfish - 1.46m 2k Rocktail - 3.6m 5k Shark - 2.89m 200 Choc Bombs - 0.551m 200 Karambwan - 0.186m 200 Brews - 2.72m 200 Restore Potions - Negligible 100 Super Restores - 0.63m 1k Super Attacks - 1.144m 1k Super Strengths - 1.621m 1k Prayer Potions - 3.2m 200 Ranging Potions - 1m 200 Magic Potions - 1.3m 100 Superantipoisons - 0.171m TOTAL FOR THIS SECTION: 135.53M (Round to 140M) Summoning [cabbage]: 50 Pony Pouches - 0.122m 1k Pony Scrolls - 0.3m 100 Yak Pouches - 0.36m 1k Yak Scrolls - 0.384m 50 Fire Titan Pouches - 0.172m 500 Titan Scrolls - 0.205m 500 Bunyip Pouches - 1.25m 500 Bunyip Scrolls - 0.139m 50 Steel Titan Pouches - 0.261m 500 Steel Titan Scrolls - 0.298m 200 Terrorbird Pouches - 0.0714m 2k Terrorbird Scrolls - 0.076m 50 War Tortoise Pouches - 0.52m 50 Wolpertinger Pouches - 0.178m 500 Magic Focus Scrolls - 0.193m 50 Geyser Titan Pouches - 0.194m TOTAL FOR THIS SECTION: 4.72M (Round to 6M) Expensive PKing Items: 95 Prayer (infernal ashes) ~ 125M 87 Herblore (19675 Super Defences, 1536 Special Recovers, 250 Superantifires, 1K Extreme Attacks, 1K Extreme Strengths, 100 Extreme Defences, 300 Extreme Magics, 300 Extreme Rangings, assuming no resell and no Scroll of Cleansing,) ~ 70M Cannon - 0.75M 50k Cannonballs - 11.35M Sara Stole - 0.025M Mages' Book - 3.7M Master Wand - 3.1M Full Saradomin - 3.8m Full Zamorak - 2.3m Full Guthix - 1.2m Full Rune (G) - 1.6m Full Rune (T) - 0.715m Dragon Staff - 1M Robin Hood Hat - 5M Imbued Fremmy Ring Set - 5.9M Imbued DragonStone Ring - 0.0342M Imbued Onyx Ring - 12.1M Ancient Ceremonial Set - 1.62M Amulet of Fury - 12.2M Anchor - 0.205m Saradomin Sword - 5.6M Zamorakian Spear - 4.7M Dragon Claws - 16.6M Armadyl Godsword - 44.6M Gilded Top + Bottom - 5.1M Full Infinity x 2 (no gloves) - 16M Staff of Light x 5 - 6.5M Abyssal Whip x 10 - 11m Full Void (with Melee, Range, Mage helmets and Deflector, and Elite Top + Bottom) x 2 - FREE Torso x 3 - FREE Fire Cape x 3 - FREE EEE - FREE Zammy Cape - FREE Ardy cape 3 - FREE 2 Slayer Helmets - 2.3M 1 Dragon Hatchet - 1.2M 1 Dragon Pickaxe - 10.6M Brackish Blade - 0.6M TOTAL FOR THIS SECTION: 386.4M (Round to 400M) Can Wait until I've earnt some money: 92 Herblore 99 Herblore Ranger Boots 50K Cannonballs 3A Range Top 3A Range Legs Blue H'Ween Mask Corrupt Vesta's Sets x 2 - 22.8M Corrupt Zuriel's Sets x 5 - 4.7M Zuriel's Staff x 3 - 7.8M So yeah, I should have about a 50M cash pile to start off with to merch with, whilst having Maxed gear and enough money for extremes (i'll get ovls later,) turmoil, and some bursting/barraging.
  2. So yeah. Hit a point where I realised I just wasn't having FUN anymore. Sure, I was making money from Nex, but the only skills I had left to train were ones that were not that fun (except for DG, but I really don't see the point in going for 120 at the moment - I think I've burned out.) So I've abandoned IHasChicken, but not before my last action - staking my 275M bank all in one-go. If I lost I'd leave forever, and find another way to spend my time. If I won, I'd start anew, but make it a bit more challenging and interesting this time. I won. So now, I am retiring IHasChicken for the next long while, have stripped the account of all of it's items, and I'm now starting IHazChicken. I already have the account made, it has a couple of notable stats (82 Magic being the best,) and I am going to make it into one of the best turmoil zerkers I can think of (with a 550M budget, I should be fine.) I'm making a turmoil zerk not only because I enjoy PKing, but for having lower defence and less gear to choose from as I progress through the game, and having some methods of money making/skill training cut off to me because I cannot do all of the quests. For example, moneymaking strategies like Nex and GWD are going to be replaced by Barrows and other lower end bosses - mid-leveled content I haven't really encountered yet because I've been so used to being at the top with a maxed combat account. I get to slay to 99 again - while it is [cabbage] money now, I don't need money and I have always enjoyed Slayer. I get to do a whole lot of quests again - I enjoyed quests when I first did them and it'll be nice doing them a second time around. Finally, I get to Dungeoneer as a 45 def zerker - a good challenge for me, and a chance to be a noob again. So that's what's happening. I'll try to set some goals over the next couple of days, and stick to them. In other news, been working my ass off this week, and I got my Uni results back. Got 3 credits and a pass for my 4 units, which means I'm a full GPA up from where I was last semester, which is great. Want to try and maintain that goodness through the next semester coming up in the next couple of weeks.
  3. © IHasChicken 2011. Steal this image and I will sue you so hard.
  4. Worked a 16 Hour shift yesterday, because of the Harry Potter opening. 9am->1am, all on my feet. Crashed at home at about 3am, woke up at 2:40pm this afternoon. [bleep]ing work. Good money tho, but I missed the Jadinko update and my fr33 monies from that.
  5. Killed 24 Nex today. Not a drop in sight. Been like 200 kills since my last drop that wasn't Virtus. Getting a bit restless. Probably gonna do a couple more hours tonight and then I have work tomorrow, which is annoying, but tomorrow night i'll hit the Nex again. She owes me Torva [email protected]@@ Nex Killed: 24 Nex killed since last drop: 24 Total Nex killed since start of log: 60 Total number of items since start of log: 1 (Virtus Robelegs)
  6. I used to do duo furnished smalls with weirdoweirdo. I found it nice, it wasn't as grindy as c1's are and gave decent-ish exp. Maybe c6 smalling your abandoned 2's (if you're 110+ Dungeoneering, and c1 your abandoned 2's) might be efficient too.
  7. Thanks for stalking me Seriously that is a terrible idea though LOL what an awesome coincidence
  8. I beg to differ. Before I lost members, I would always use a torso on all my slayer tasks. Is it really worth paying 20m for +1 prayer bonus and some extra defense (that largely goes to waste since bunyip outheals most slayer monsters and SS makes up for the ones it doesn't)? It's not worth playing BA in the first place, once you got a torso you better damn well use it or you'll have wasted even more time. BA is fun though. And yes, I did drop the F-Bomb.
  9. That all makes sense, except when you say max atk+str. What does that mean? Is it a mixture of atk and str bonuses (like an onyx ring (i) and a fire cape, or an ardy cape and a zerker (i)?) Besides that, from those calculations it looks like it is best to go with Void, a Zerk (i) and Fire cape, and a Vesta's spear (although most Corp FFA teams will kick you for using one LOL). EDIT: Oh, I see now, because the bandos gives Strength bonus too, even in the max attack bonus, you included that. Derp. EDIT2: No, derp, I'm still confused EDIT3: So the second setup for a Z Spear and the third setup for a V Spear. Good to know, thanks :wink: It will be quite fun when I want to troll bad FFA Corp clans by coming in void + max str + V spear. That setup looks like it can do some absolute damage.
  10. That's the problem though, Nex and Corp (especially unhammered or BGS'ed Corp,) are the 2 monsters in the game where it is debatable whether strength bonus is more valuable than attack bonus I know that if you're more than 50% accurate on a monster that you should definitely go with the Strength Bonus, but I don't know if you have more or less than 50% accuracy on Corp. I'm also not 100% sure on how defence rolls are calculated, which is why I need some calculations to confirm whether to go with the accuracy or strength setups. I also need more information on the mechanics of void (when the strength/accuracy bonuses are applied etc,) to know whether to go with that over Bandos, so that is why I have the 4 setups listed.
  11. If you want to trade +2 strength for +10 stab, then go ahead. Or, you could just be a troll, and not answer the question, instead trying to point out holes in it and that's cool too. I'll rename it to max reasonable strength bonus JUST for you.
  12. Ah [bleep] we suck at cooking. Damn. No moray potatoes for us, that's why we're only rank 4 and not rank 1 in Dungeoneering, we die too much!
  13. I'm looking to do some FFA corp in the near future and I was wondering about set-ups. Basically I have a few ideas about set-ups and was wondering which one would be most effective, backed up by some evidence. I have 4 basic setups in mind. Max REASONABLE Strength Bonus Setup: Helm of Neitiznot Bandos Chestplate Bandos Tassets Amulet of Fury Barrows Gloves Dragon Boots Fire Cape Berserker Ring (i) Z Spear/V Spear Max Stab Bonus Setup: Fighter Helmet Bandos Chestplate Bandos Tassets Amulet of Fury Barrows Gloves Dragon Boots Ardy Cape 3 Onyx Ring (i) Z Spear/V Spear Max REASONABLE Strength Bonus Setup (void) Void Melee Helmet Elite Void Torso Elite Void Legs Amulet of Fury Void Gloves Dragon Boots Fire Cape Berserker Ring (i) Z Spear/V Spear Max Stab Bonus Setup (void) Void Melee Helmet Elite Void Torso Elite Void Legs Amulet of Fury Void Gloves Dragon Boots Ardy Cape 3 Onyx Ring (i) Z Spear/V Spear Note this is FFA where no one uses BGS/SWH, so it assumes a Corp at full Defence. I will also avoid teams with people who have Max/Comp capes on them (or call them nolifers or efficiency assclowns, whatever I feel like doing,) so assume that isn't a factor. Which would be the best setup?
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