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  1. >Areas used in Return of Lucien no longer go bright white with bloom enabled. >Areas used in Return of Lucien no longer go bright >Areas used in Return of Lucien >Return of Lucien original name for RoTM perhaps? lol
  2. I can see it now...(Amazed no one said it yet) "We are pleased to announce the combat beta is live! Wondering where those pesky beta keys might be? Well if you get lucky you might just see one on the squeal of fortune! In other news: We have removed daily spins due to player feedback...."
  3. Tif name: Viralaether Runescape Name: Viral Aether Picture: Url: http://tinypic.com/r/1z18meh/5
  4. ITT: Europeans being jelly that New York is gonna win I voted for New York, because i live here, and smelly cabbage eating Londoners don't deserve to have fun
  5. Well guys i finally asked the most amazing girl to prom.... AND SHE SAID YES :D rs assipies 1 rest of humanity 0 all joking aside, my prom is 17 days away, would you guys advise trying to arrange a date before that to get to know each other better or better not to press my luck? item number 2, she already has a full limo (note i wasn't trying to leave this to the last second but i had surgery on the day prom tickets even went on sale) should i meet the parents and then take my own ride over or would that be too bizarre? finally i would love any prom tips from you guys, obvious manners hygiene hair compliments corsage but is their anything subtle that tripped up you guys on your big day? thanks again this thread rocks
  6. more or less what rs has become, also you have way to much free time wolfie :P
  7. [/hide] No....just....no.... Someone is bad at keying, so you sell a hood drop they need? That's just being a total [bleep]. God forbid they're trying to improve their keying (which surprisingly happens when you....KEY!!! *gasp* the [email protected][email protected]) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHUpwentXtQ [hide=spoiler alert]I alched like 10 others lol[/hide]
  8. just got kicked out of emptyscape :C edit: back in
  9. any ideas on what to do in empty scape? need to exploit the fact that no one is on
  10. got on using the unsigned client or whatever, still laggy as hell
  11. Onyx (i) should function as a RoW too, now a waste of time to MA. + infinity
  12. Alright guys my subway date went well and I've managed to get a second date tonight to see Black Swan, now.... Is the yawn arm around her shoulder appropriate on the 2nd date or plain out too cliched?
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