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  1. EDIT: Crap i thought I pressed edit... being awake for this long is having it's effects..
  2. There was something in this months issue of PCGamer UK in The Spy article about the next call of duty (after the MW prelude) being set in the future... Not sure if it's true or just speculation though
  3. Just bought Fallout 3 GOTY, Fallout New Vegas and Battlefield Bad Company 2. Patching bad company is a bastard :<
  4. So aparently the ending of HOTS go leaked.. WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS http://kotaku.com/5709838/ending-leaked-for-starcraft-iis-next-chapter
  5. Patch just released for PC, can't play at the moment, any improvements at all?
  6. Yeah you don't want to play the PC version if your goal is to get away from issues. What issues do you have on the PC version? I'm having an absolute crapton of lag on the PS3 (clearly, it's so bad that I'm willing to buy the PC version of the game). The fact that it's still broke after a month... It's a disgrace. Input Lag, Framerate issues, Server issues (Possibly fixed now), Screen Tearing, Stuttering, Not optimized etc etc. Nadril knows more about this than me, but seriously... The PC version is a joke right now.
  7. So I dislike trying to group quest with my girlfriend in the underwater zone. Vashjir (Sp?) Still, from what I've seen, this expansion is pretty awesome. Dinged 81, can't wait to get stuck in with the dungeons and battlegrounds. ^^
  8. I dont know why but I haven't played in a couple weeks, I pretty much stopped as soon as i got promoted to gold... I really want to switch to zerg but everyone in customs are diamonds and playing a totally new race at gold level on ladder will be next to impossible :(
  9. http://forum.tip.it/topic/264866-call-of-duty-7-black-ops/ :)
  10. Games programmer \o/
  11. Great selection of games there. Recently bought - Super Meat Boy, World of goo. And in a couple of days - World of Warcraft Cataclysm :D
  12. Image doesn't work for me =/ The adapters are about the same price as a wired controller so I'll stick with my keyboard untill I get some more money. Besides, the latest patch fixed a lot of the keyboard lag for me, so it's all good for now.
  13. Just found out that you can't use an xbox controller and a play 'n' charge kit on the PC... Damn... Suppose I'll have to fork out £20 for a wired controller :< EDIT: The latest patch to come out on the PC was amazing. Fixed all my input lag, now I dont have to press 'S' multiple times for it to register \o/
  14. Mine seems fine so far except for the fact that it crashes when I exit game, but I dont lose any progress, so im happy with it at the moment.
  15. I was on about the fact that the release was about 3-4 hours late :< but all is good now, it is installing :D
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