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  1. Ape

    Starcraft 2

    He's in the SEMI's! <3 Jinro!
  2. SSDs are far more reliable.
  3. Ape

    Starcraft 2

    I'm not too keen on relying on a single strategy. At some point, every player you encounter will be skilled enough to recognize and defend against a 4-gate push, it might just seem that at that point you'll be hitting a brick wall. The four-gate won't be as efficient as you'd like it to be, and when doing other strategies you don't play as well because you aren't really used to them yet. Against turtles, be sure to keep scouting. Otherwise you might be caught pants down when he's going to push out or when he's suddenly trying to shove a million billion banshees down your throat. Yeah, I don't rely on the 4gate. If it doesn't work early game, then I have a well-built econimical stature so going air, or putting a base on another island is possibly my next option.
  4. LOTRO has only been f2p for US players since September, and the rest of the world as of mid-November. So to say it has had no effect at all would be quite mis-judging as we've only had, what? 3 weeks to compare it properly? LOTRO doesn't currently have the amount of subscribers RS has, but it is catching up rather quickly. The game, in my opinion, is epic. Questing is amazing, and so are the areas. The only thing it now needs is a large community such as Runescape's.
  5. Ape

    Your dream job?

    I'm currently working in the Web design department working on my own designs. As much as I love it, I find that today (been here for a week constantly designing for the same company) I've hit a brick wall in terms of creativity. I've tried a few different designs but none of them have really set it off. I can imagine if this was my actual job, I'd become very frustrated. I've whipped up something like 3 designs in 3 and a half days so I guess that's quite productive. =\
  6. Ape

    Your dream job?

    So, being on work placement for a week I have decided to ask TIF to see what they believe the dream job is. Personally, I am going to University next year to study Computer Sciences and Maths - with this I aspire to be a software designer/developer and possibly delve into Maths a little more. This is my realistic goal, whereas my dream job would be to play basketball for the NBA (I play for Wales (UK) internationally at the moment) and was hoping to move to the US to play when I was younger, but the scholarship wasn't amazing. Another dream job of mine would be to be a professional rally driver, or gamer. What are your thoughts? Any aspirations, goals, etc?
  7. Ape


    Lamborghinis are my babies. Once I am rich, I will have plenty of them in all colours of the rainbow! And I will park them in order of the colours in the rainbow, so I can collectively say "I have a rainbow of Lamborghinis". :D
  8. Ape

    Starcraft 2

    Just started playing SC2, had it since September, but I was too hooked on LoL to play it. :P Finding that there's way too much cheesing going on in it, drone rushes, etc. I'm usually a dab-hand on RTS games, but I had to adapt to play this. Started off in Bronze, within 5 games was in Silver, now I'm Gold league, ranked 6th. Should be up another league by the end of the week. Love the game, overall though. Any RTS where 30 minutes in is classed as "end game" wins my vote. Currently playng Protoss with a 4gate build, expanding every 7-8 minutes. It's a very economical build so early game it's not so good, but after you've whacked your fourth gate and started expanding, there's no stopping you. Spamming Stalkers in ftw. :D I've found that a well turtled Terran base is probably the hardest thing to beat with Protoss as the ranged units are very weak against heavy artilliery such as their tanks. So as long as they have tanks behind their walls, I'm gonna' need alot of Zealots to get in. Any suggestions? My APM is up in the 80s/90s now, too which isn't bad I guess. Hotkeys are essential in this, way too fast paced for mouse clicks.
  9. Literally spent about 3 minutes doing it. Added a border, some brush strokes and the text. Plain. Clean. Hope you like it. :)
  10. The velociraptors are very good hard drives, but don't hold much capacity-wise. So it depends what you're after really. If you transfer alot of files, but only in small amounts, go for the veloc, if not and you're after something which can store over 10x more but it'll read slower, go for the latter. Whichever suits your needs, but there's nothing wrong with either hard drive.
  11. Ape


    My core belief on questions like this is: It stops the possibilities that could come from that person, and they were undeserved. The last part is important, because technically prison takes away possibilities. Also: Four pages? wow, this forum really likes homosexuals. My dislike of christianity is bigger then my like of homosexuals, hence why I posted so much here. Just throwing that out there You're a man after me own 'eart. ;) I can sum my opinion up on this pretty easily: There is no wrongness in homosexuality besides it's denial of social conformity. It's a shame marriage has become so integrated into modern lifestyle that it determines key attributes of a person's life. I believe religion shouldn't be forced onto anyone and shouldn't be classed as a valid argument, ever. It's a belief, not a fact. Therefore people who believe homosexuality is indecent and wrong - that's fine. But keep it to yourself. I believe every Sunday should be spent playing on Starcraft 2 instead of going to Church, but I don't impose my belief on others. I know that went a tad off-topic and will probably not make me popular around here, but there we are.
  12. The SDK is ~$100 and will only run on a Mac OS, such as Snowleapord, etc. The language is commercial C, this is similar to C++, but some of the alterations get confusing. I tried getting to grips with it, as I had a few apps in mind myself, but time wasn't on my side. You'll have to protect your idea legally, if you believe it will make alot of money. After you've done that, then you can go to developers and tell them your idea freely as they won't be able to release it for sale unless they have your permissios and signiture. I know a few people doing this at the moment, the process is long but if you've got the idea that makes £$£$£$ then go for it.
  13. My mistake, I thought Ebuyer worked overseas aswell as the UK - I know they have a US version, thought they would have had others. But yeah, I think the model of the laptop bared more importance than the website it is bought from. ^_^
  14. Likelyhood is that it's your graphics card, or your motherboard. You got another graphics card at all that you can whack in there to give it a go?
  15. Ya' don't say? It will increase in RPM as the card gets hotter and it does it in stages depending on what your drivers deem to be safe. 10 minutes of gaming shouldn't put that fan into the higher stages of RPM, therefore if it gets that hot, that quick it's a temperature issue.
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