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  1. pay attention to me.

  2. hey you [bleep] it took me [bleep]ing ages to get this password back so [bleep] you and congrats. also youre in the wrong chat. also nice farming...[bleep]. also thanks for mentioning me ily2 obviously you [bleep]ing fail at quitting
  3. What he said. Always what he said is right
  4. SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. how are you gonna get full rune armour on when you have 10hp? XD
  6. lovely guide, this is one of the most imaginative training methods ive ever seen. well done dude.
  7. Not really, the 135 is still 10 combat levels ahead and theres nothing stopping him from getting his own chaotic, just like theres nothing stopping the 125 (or 120, whatever you decide on) from getting extremes.
  8. i make like 70% of that profit every single run. get jujus. get torstol. get scroll of life.
  9. woah jax you really have progressed. we've been medling in the same ccs now for a few years when you still only had 99 firemaking and now you've gone and gotton all these levels :o good year dude 10/10
  10. Teamed you post a LOT on this topic, not that theres a problem with that, untill you realise that half your posts just seem to be unproductive spam. anyway, its hard to predict where the prices of the new armours will sit after everything calms down but i wonder if this new boss would be better money than tds or frosts. even so, you'll probably get a lot more effigies from tds and frosts. players who refuse to merch might have it easier to buy the buyables to 200m :P
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