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  1. Hey. My main is currently 80/99/70 with a rapier, and I have 95 prayer for it banked. I'm considering 99 Attack, so I have two questions. 1. If I get 99 Attack, keep my Defence at 70, and get the assorted high level skills (yak, overloads, turmoil), will I be able to boss hunt and would teams still accept me? 2. I know 99 Attack will raise my combat quite a few levels, so for high level main PKers out there, is it any fun? Thanks in advance.
  2. What exactly do pures say to you? Because it's common [bleep]ing sense. It's like saying 999 out of every 1000 real-life soldiers are [bleep]-heads compared to civilians because they fight others for a living. That's what you're trying to say. Since I PK, I must automatically be a douchebag, while all PvMers are pious, holy virgin monks. You're overgeneralizing. My theory is you met one or two bad pures when you were a low level, and think all of them are bad, which simply isn't the case.
  3. I thought I made that quite clear, is there a problem? Well you made up some false statistic saying that 99.9% of us are douchebags. So yeah, there's a problem.
  4. Since when does runescape not involve training? I am willing to accept that you are not like every other pker but that doesn't still change what you could call my prejudices on Pkers e.t.c I am more than comfortable to turn around and say something equally negative about skillers but that isn't the topic at hand. This is just a case of stereotyping, read up on Tajfel and Lewin. In short: "Peoples social identities depend on the groups they belong to. From a persons perspective, any group he belongs to is an ingroup, and any group he doesnt belong to is an outgroup." You are in the Pkers ingroup therefore see positivities, and I am ofcourse in the outgroup. (this is the rants forum, not the debating forum after-all). Much like your belief on PvMer's they aren't saints, to each his own. In conclusion, my "prejudice" on Pkers has come about from around 6 years of pointing and clicking and while I have encountered a select few of nice people, their numbers have been hugely outweighed by the stereotype, by atleast a ratio of 1:1000+. (Yes, 0.1% of pkers are nice guys.) Not true. I recognize that some of us are [wagon]. Just like some skillers are [wagon], and some boss hunters are [wagon]. I do have to deal with the occasional jerk, but the nice ones outnumber them. I've been pking for a while now too. I'd say 80%, give or take, are nice. Every group has its bad apples. Do you have some sort of grudge against us or what?
  5. Like I said, the flaming has gotten better. If there's one thing the RWT update did, it scared off the 13-year-old kiddos as they posted genetalia ASCII on the forums and got banned. Most of them have moved on to WoW, so they didn't come back this February. Point being, people are a lot more respectful nowadays. I suggest you PK every once in a while, it's good, clean fun (as long as you prot against rushers :thumbsup:) Sorry for the double post, but it won't let me edit my posts.
  6. OK? I already mentioned I was a zerker. You don't like to go in wildy, yet you say that PKers are [wagon]? That sounds fair. Also, using chanspeak outside of /b/ is annoying, you know what I'm talking about, so stop it. While I was at Armoured Zombies on my zerker, someone asked me my stats, and I said 80/99/45. He called me a "[wagon] pure," and that was uncalled for. Additionally, I've been civil, yet you called all pkers "[wagons]", unprovoked. The old jerk pure is nothing but a stereotype, in reality relegated to low-level f2p pkers. The rest of us aren't like that. I could ignore that, but if I said PvMers are [wagon]s, I'd be infracted (or if on RSOF, post deleted) in a heartbeat while you'll get off scot free. I'm not saying you should be, you shouldn't, it's just a double standard. :rolleyes: Since when does pking involve hopping? I'm not like "every other pker" either.
  7. Smoothfunk


    It was funny for a while, but can we stop now?
  8. It is, just like say, 99s are a status symbol to mains. Just because we take pride in something doesn't mean we're douches. I like my so called low-levelled stats because they're optimal PKing stats. Keeping a certain combat stat at a certain level is harder than it looks, and it requires certain game knowledge so you don't [bleep] it up. You can't hate us just because we're pures. That isn't fair. On my main, I was at TDs, and some guy tried to lure me. When I asked why, it's because "he wanted my fury." I'm not talking about crashers, I'm talking about genuine douches.
  9. Smoothfunk


    Oh you guys :mrgreen:
  10. Smoothfunk


    I was tolerant. I understood that not everyone wanted to type "Haha, that's funny," so I didn't mind "lol." For some god-forsaken reason, since the start of 2011, the lazy pieces of [cabbage] now type "l" instead. Did you not take keyboarding class? Are you that underage? It's only two extra letters. The ONLY time I could see it justified is when you're doing something that requires total concentration like PKing or TDs, don't want to die, but also want to communicate. The rest of the time, people spam "l" skilling or even in serious RS threads. Maybe it's just a pet-peeve of mine. What do you guys think?
  11. While this story may not be true for all of you, it certainly has some precidence. Note that I know most PvMers are not like the guys in that quote, but a few are. I'm a long-time lurker of this forum, and I find the personal attacks against pures to be unacceptable. I won't name names, but I remember seeing a topic where the OP was derailed because it was assumed that since he had PKing stats, he was a massive douche. Also, on the RSOF, I've been called "an [instert insult] pure" many times. PvMers aren't exactly saints either. Anyone who's ever been to Tormented Demons, Daggonoth Kings, or GWD knows that PvM douchebags do exist. This was especially common before the gravestone time extensions. Just like us, you aren't perfect. I noticed the huge efficiency trolling debacle on this forum, and had it been a giant flaming of all PKers, there would be no consequences. It's like, because you met some douchey low level f2p pure (which, though a minority, do exist), it gives you the right to make snide comments against us as a whole. As a zerker, I fight with honor, and never act rudely. I always ask before I attack, and never rush. There are plenty of pures like me who are mature and respectful. My point is that we deserve a little bit of respect. I know most of you are tolerant individuals who don't apply to the quote, but for the few of you with bad experiences, be respectful. I shouldn't have to deal with personal insults. Thank you. Thoughts?
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