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  1. Anyone know of a F2P cape, amulet/necklace, or gloves that give negative magic attack? I need about -7 more to have -65, and I am using an earth staff. ( can't really get more earth runes because I don't really want to spend around 300k on all the earth runes i need)
  2. Well, i currently have enough runes for 55 magic(using curse and what not), and I still have well over 2M with around 5k Uncooked swordfish that I'm going to begin cooking soon. So money really isn't much of an issue right now
  3. @Gilformen I'm not using combat spells, those give hp xp, and I want 10hp at 99 magic
  4. Like, when I cast confuse, It won't let me do it more than once on an enemy for a certain period of time. I did Imp Catcher and Witches Potion - So i have Level 10 Magic, but I don't want health exp so I can only use spells like confuse, weaken, curse, bind, etc.
  5. Is it possible to get 55+ magic with only 10HP anymore? Or will it take a really long time? I've noticed that you can't cast on dummies anymore, and you can't cast the same thing on the same monster for a certain period of time. Anyone know of a way to get it? Or will I just need to do it the very long and slow way?
  6. I really have no experience in playing FoG or GoP. That's why I am very hesitant about playing either, because the last time I tried I really didn't know what I was doing. Plus the people that play get pissed if you don't know what you're doing, and they annoy you like crazy. (At least any time that I've tried to play.)
  7. I don't really like air running. It's really annoying, tbh. I'd prefer to make runes and sell them. Like i said, I want to make a profit even if it's an extremely small one.
  8. What is the best rune to craft as a free player? Not just for experience but for money as well. Some people have been saying air runes, some say water runes, and others say fire runes, but which is really better? Right now i have about 16k or so rune essence and about 2.6M cash, and I am going for around 50-60 runecrafting, while also hoping to make a bit of cash, even if it's not much. I just don't want to lose out on cash. Right now I am only 15 runecrafting. Anyone have any suggestions? *Note:* I won't be P2P anytime soon either!
  9. Pretty decent day today ;)

  10. This is basically what Jagex said. To see more go to the RS Forums > Community Home > Wilderness & Free Trade Q&A
  11. So, it's kind of pointless in a way it seems.
  12. Hey Tip It, I have a level 3 skiller, and I've seen skillers with dungeoneering levels of 30 - 60+. I was wonder, how would one do so? Is it possible to do it without a team, or not? And is it even worth it? I mean what does dungeoneering really do for a skiller? Any type of information about this would be helpful! -Spencer (Arcane Fae)
  13. Hello Tip It community, How is everyone? I have been playing Runescape for over 6 years now on and off. I have used Tip It for as long as i can remember, and it has been the greatest help. I am now currently back on Runescape with a new account. I started it a little over a week ago I believe. I never really joined Tip It back then for many reason: I didn't see the need, I didn't play Runescape longer then 30 minutes to an hour a day, and I wasn't aware of the forums really. I really don't know what else to say other than I am a generally friendly person, but I do have my moments where I am pretty mean, but hey I'm only human after all. I guess that is all for now, but If you want to get to know me you can send me a message on the forums or PM me on Runescape: Arcane Fae is my current username. -Spencer (Arcane Fae)
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