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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. is your new computer running windows 8?
  3. maybe a remember button so i dont have to put in everything every time, not sure if thats possible
  4. id say if you dont have that account to pk with, why bother keeping the defence low? get the defence up and start bossing.
  5. stats would be helpful also solo/team also gear availible
  6. i usually use 1elitesc they are on w70
  7. as far as ive heard its waterfiends.
  8. rapid shot will kill a waterfiend almost instantly. so idk why you would waiste your time with using the ultimate.
  9. either get a maul or an offhand cls
  10. the quickest training i have found has been waterfiends its nothing compared to how chinning was but its decent
  11. c6's are 5min floors now so rush with them
  12. combat triangle -.-. Not to state the obvious here, why not just use a shield? if your going to complain about not being able to get a good off-hand why not make up for it by buying a great shield. or you could nut up and get 100k dung tokens which takes almost no time. or nut up and do a quest that takes 30min.
  13. I am getting the lenovo ideapad 580 just trying to decide if i am or am not going to get the 32gb ssd with it. Also i am getting it for college aswell, so i need a laptop as i cannot carry a computer tower with me to class.
  14. Ive been doing alot of black dragons to test get the feel of the eoc since then update. I usually have to do 2-3 kills w/o superantifire because i dont want to drink a new dose for the last couple kills. I survive pretty well using ss combined with a unicorn and useing some defensive auras.
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