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  1. use royal bolts with a royal xbow chaotic crossbow with royal bolts handcannon with cannon shot
  2. even after eoc was implemented if you boosted magic you could still select auto cast
  3. qbd could probably be done dw range. i've done it several times but was using abilities
  4. just use chaotic maul on every brother. can easily be done on 1 sip of prayer renewal and 0 food.
  5. has anyone done the quest recently, and by recently i mean within the past month? the 2nd fire puzzle seems messed up because their isnt enough space to turn your character 180 degrees, its the verticle line on the south wall.
  6. or you could get a chaotic staff
  7. Exiled is a p2p clan, we do diverse activities such as boss hunting and even minigames. Our official rs forum code is 92-93-538-64199088
  8. you can duo him in hardmode, the only [bleep] is when the rocks come. 8 kills, no drygores, and just a unicorn, 1 person with cmaul other with cstaff
  9. i looked in the thread about useful friend chats and didnt run across this so i am wondering if their are any dedicated fc's for kk killing thanks
  10. chaotic staff would be a free upgrade 92 prayer helps out alot if you cant get 96 herb, atleast get 90 so you can use extreme magic and defense, those will help prolong your trip war tort full of rocks and a unicorn would be wise also
  11. bandos,arma,sara you dont need to prayer switch at all. you could kill qbd for cash.
  12. tanking in gano at KK still works.
  13. i use gano in stead of ahrims sol and arma bstaff both are terrible at glacors tried both cstaff or virtus wand a book. i have tried both bloodfire and fire surge and i havent noticed a difference. 4 ext magic, 4 prayer renewal, 5 pray pots and a uni i can last well over an hr their soul splitting
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