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  1. Thank you all for your input, i am currently training herblore, just bought 5k range pots to make but i was going to boss hunt inbetween to help with boredom and for extra cash to continue training herblore and get prayer up. I will probably go with Stev's advice and go to arma once i forge my royal bow. again Thank you all.
  2. So I just started doing Sara Godwars for money since that's the only boss that I'm somewhat able to solo easily, Bandos is too crowded and never been to Zammy. I found out that Zilyana is weak to magic so I bought arma b.staff and gano robes and went to try it out, along with ice barrage. The question i have for you is, what can i do to prolong my trips? Right now im getting 10-15 kills a trip with tort and rocktails. NOW, when i say what can i do i dont expect, "Get drygores, overlords, and super prayers and youll do better." Im stuck due to the fact that i dont have money to train skills, and the skills that i have wont allow me to make money. SO in your opinion, what can i do, with 50m and my stats to make my trips longer? P.S. Is it better to have Arma B.Staff or to do spectral + a one handed staff?
  3. How much is a zammy page 3 and a zammy robe top in 07?
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