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  1. first of is this form dead, have alot of you quit due to eoc? i can go up to floor 50 how should i approach it ? usually c1 up to fl20 then then to fl38 meds with a mate than try find teams for 38 - 50 that good method? also should i be doing every dungeon in order and what happens if i do them randomly? like currently up to fl 41 can i do 44,45 then go bback to 41 not really sure
  2. the spwans are so messed up in free for all otherwise i reckon they aren't to bad because i only play drop zone/domination and spawns are good also made mw3 trickshot and feeding sniping montage if anyone wants to watch thank you
  3. how do i increase my fps? it just laggs to bad i know all the spawns and shit just fail at switching and keep getting 1 hit kos
  4. why do i keep failing at jad? like 11 attempts now and have only beat him once.. the [bleep]
  5. you could try do an expensive school like construction in bxpw saw a video of getting 99 in 10hours.. pretty quick 99, if i had the cash i would do it
  6. okay i have now invested and got a unicorn what do i do with it but i dont have pack yak yet
  7. i have been looking have you come across any decent ones with war tortoises and no unicorns?
  8. i only have 15m so i guess not? @Quyneax thanks for the advice will consider it also when there are rangers and mages which do i pray and kill i always seem to screw up and lose alot of health
  9. hey just some questions i would like answered by the wise :) haha i am trying to complete the fight kiln and if you notice in my stats i don't have a pak yack and not even a unicorn, was wondering if i should continue to attempt it or get 88. The only problem is i only have 15m :/ how can i make it reach my goal? The gear i usually use in fight kiln is i wear: veracs helm, acrane stream necklace, infinity boots, mage book, soul wars cape, barrows gloves then went different waves come i use: dhoarks plate and body, , rapier, gandomeric top/bottom, polypore staff and choatic crossbow, is that beatable? also what do i pray when the big mages come with the rangers i could randomly dieing and gives me the shits? what are the amounts of overloads, prayer renewals and brew i should use random: lost 225m because i staked my bank for a youtube video for shits and gigs then gave all money to my irl mate incase i got tempted to go again then he got keylogged and lost my cash, which is why only have 15m
  10. he wouldn't have a clue about slayer and i personally think he won't play much after febuary when he starts college/uni
  11. im asking this question for one of my mates who is new to runescape. i can't help him, well because i have not been his level for years. his levels are around 50 attack, 60 strength and 50 defense. he is not a pure of any type and won't be a hard out runescape player so will not be interested in slayer etc. he is killing choas druids now because he wants money and levels, i suggest to go train on something for faster xp and then go to green dragons when he can. however i do not know where he can go. he is p2p thanks
  12. hey i have just got my herb up to 92 :) and wondering what is my set up for frosts? considering im at 97 range (18k until 98) is it worth to go range cause im keen on 99. or just go melee? edit: im pretty broke after herb and need money for summoning.
  13. i just got 92 herblore and gathering brown spice to boost my levels for overloads. how much (as a estimate) do you think i would need? im going to make 100 overloads at the moment.
  14. currently 69 herblore and attempted to go to 91 and then boost so i can use overloads. i only have 118m cash to spend and wondering what was more efficent money wise. im not going to do something really cheap thats slow such as attack potions nor am i going to go the quickest most expensive that i've seen around youtube. as i look i see these are best atm? and im going to skill now so prefer someone not to say wait until the prices go down or bots come back etc.
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