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  1. I am pumped that I can disable daily challenges that I already have 99 in.
  2. Wow congrats on an awesome achievement! That is the same 99 I am pursuing at the moment.
  3. Ok so I have finished summers end and the varrock rogue is available to trade with. Now I know that his limit is 10k. Say that I sell him 10k gold necklaces, can i then go straight to the bank, get 10k more and sell it to him? Or, do I have to wait a day/hour to sell him 10k more?
  4. Actually really looking forward to July. Could hold some promising fun in the world of RS.
  5. Ya I can recall a few times that I have fought them that they have not spawned a deathspawn.
  6. There will be a set number of fish masks because after the summer is over, the mask will no longer be on the wheel.
  7. SoF got a big update today...no more 50gp spins but now they are 1k,5k,50k,500k spins, and more useful items and more chance of getting a super rare cosmetic item. During this month they had some "wild" weekends (which included some double monster drops at nex, gwd, and other boss monster, a monkey cape for finding all of the monkeys kind of like penguin points, and some more SoF things). QBD came out today as well, it has to be taken on single player. You can't do it as a team. Cryptic Clue Fest is back.
  8. I would just recommend to sign up for loyaltte program and get the jack of all trades aura. Also remember to do troll invasion each month, and peng points every week.
  9. Congrats to the both of them. Well deserved I am sure.
  10. I believe that fly fishing is the fastest method for xp/hr
  11. I will try and make it! Congrats on 99 mining and 1000 total!
  12. Ya i would say that either slayer or defender of varrock is your best bet on this one. Getting armored zombies is really worth it if you are going to be training quickly.
  13. Have you tried armored zombies yet?
  14. Really glad they are putting out a Beta for it. I wonder what you will have to do to get your hands on playing the beta.
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