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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. So last night I was reported (first time ever, not a single account offence) and i was "manually permanent banned" and under evidence it says "Evidence Type: Jagex Moderator Comment" for "inappropriate behavior" and i NEVER break any rules, i don't swear, and i barely speak publicly, and what i don't get is how a single report (my only offence ever) can get me banned. i did the appeal process, but i'd like to know the following, - can i get this wiped from my account history because im a certain i have never said an offensive thing to warrant a report. - can i get the name of the moderator that reported this, because i have heard frivolous reporting is a bannable offence, and this absolutely applies. - is there another way for me to speak to a moderator because this is just plain wrong. - is there a way i can see the EXACT thing i said that warranted reporting and subsequent ban. im sorry if i go a bit overboard but i am furious, in years of playing i have not gotten a single offence against my account, and i am suddenly and instantly banned, i believe the history itself should show that something is seriously wrong here.
  3. ok so almost a year since i posted lol, but i work alot >.< hoping to max before 3-year mark (dec 28 2014) we'll see about that =P
  4. i would like the inventor skill to have a lot of branches and each one fits in a certain niche, for example - like an lighting based-charge to a chaotic maul is perfect for frost dragons, but terrible on other types, but an ice charged dual drygore rapiers are terrible for frosts but great against airuts and so on and so on, i know its not a visionary idea, but it would make value in weapons rise (value, not price) because you need several weapons to choose from for different scenarios, and it would give a bit more strategy to pvm again, for example- "at nex ill bring healing based-seismic add-on with drygores with highest dmg add-on for blood phase for long trips but fast kils" (obviously these are just hypotheticals, basic idea i'd like)
  5. yupyup before eoc i loved me some revenants, so i really should be getting 90 smithing, thieving and possible runecrafting and fishing but idk about them, just got 90 crafting a few days ago because you can't pot for pop armours anymore >.< other than that, working on getting 99 range/mage/dung/summoning/prayer at once =P
  6. a bit of advice, with the new combat level calculator, you can get 94 ranged/attack/strength/hp/prayer/summ without leveling your combat level at all, so that gives you more options, also from what i hear the main type of eoc-pure is 99 str/att/mage/range/summ/pray and 50 defence 50 defence for void, rune armour, blue dhide, enchanted robes (being level 45 compared to 30 for mystic which is worse) simply put, any weapon or armour that is higher level than another is better with one exception of void, but lvl 30 mystic or something lvl 50 the lvl 50 armour is better defence and hp boost, 1-20 defence is just unusable in pvp now on i hear, if you 99 all and 1 def and facing someone with 50-all the other person can almost 1-hit you because of the limited hp boost
  7. ok so alot of people like doing drop lists so ill indulge aswell =P so we'll start of with the odd ones - Revenants - 1 vestas longsword (33m at that time), 1 vesta's chainskirt, 1 statius warhammer, 1 statius body, 1 zuriel's body, 1 corrupt statius helmet, 29 or 33 currupt morrigans thrownaxe, alotta corrupt dragon, and statuettes. Corp - 1 arcane split (12m) and 1 ely split (like 9m) i dont like corp =P Daganoth kings- 1 dragon axe, 1 berserker ring, 2 warrior rings, 1 archer ring, 1 seercull. 1 Kalphite Queen head on task, 3 whips, and 1 dragon chain from dusties on task. Kalphite king-1 rapier split trio, 2 longswords (3&4 people), 1 mace duo, and a few off-hands. Queen Black dragon -12 crossbow pieces, 1 visage, 3 dbones upgrade kits, and 40m+ made from her. God Wars Dungeon - Bandos-2 Bandos chest plates solo, 11 bcp duo/trio splits, 1 tassets solo, 9 tasset splits duo or trio, 5 hilts duo, 1 boots duo, 1 gloves solo (10m then just came out) and 1 helm duo (mostly did bandos before update) Armadyl-2 hilts duo (see pic above =P) 2 chestplates duo, 3 skirts duo, 1 helmet duo, 2 gloves (one one solo) and a boot solo Saradomin-1 armadyl crossbow, 1 murmur, 1 whisper, 4 saradomin swords (all duo) Zamorak- 2 hilts duo, 1 garb solo, 4 zammy spears duo, 2 boots duo, 1 hood solo. NEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX- 1 torva plate body duo, 1 torva platebody trio, 1 torva platelegs duo, 1 torva full helmet trio, 2 virtus bodies trio, 1 virtus mask trio, 2 virtus boots, 1 virtus gloves 1 zaryte bow trio, 1 pernix boots duo, 1 pernix chaps trio, 1 pernix boots duo And 1 Third-age druidic wreath from an elite clue (i was a super noob at the time and it made my bank at around 255m then =P) i know its not the most impressive, but it made me quite a bit of scratch =)
  8. i hear that knives are ok, but still ssb is better than hex and knives, and primal maul i find to be better than dual rapiers (tested for a bit)
  9. to be honest it could be faster, but when i dung i kinda take my time, i imagine you could probably do what i did in an hour, but either way not a bad tip for mid-lvl players, especially since i do this in place of a few rushes =P and yes i sell to the smuggler rather than alching because alching is too slow, but i do alch some things if runes are dropped, like if i have 8 entgallow branches and 4 blue charms ill make them into pouches and alch for like 120k in a min =P
  10. for those of you who need some crafting xp, and don't want to spend tons on in here's a little tip, (this is not an efficient method for maxers or high level players, more for people who can't afford to get a crafting level or few) I was doing small furnished floors and collecting all the money from monster drops/resources etc, and then i made tier one ranged bodies (protomatsyx hides.) each hide is 420 gp each, with inventory of coins/thread law runes (to tele away) you buy 25 for 10,500 and make 5 bodies for 499 xp, takes 7 seconds an inventory.. with 427k coins gathered in first floor i got 25.5k crafting xp, each thread represents 100 xp so easy to keep track of. so that's the method here's the rate i got in an hour and 15 mins ( 1:15) 3 floors were 45k dung xp 76.7k crafting xp (255, 292, 220 threads use in the 3 floors) like 15k woodcutting/mining/fishing experience in gathering around 25 mins a floor
  11. equlibrium is awesome for high-lvl monsters with a damage cap, because all it does is raise min hit 25% and maximum hit is already hampered by the cap (this is what i hear, i havent done it myself) other auras i have and love in order are 1- penance 2- vampyrism 3- reverence+ (i have greater reverence) 4- jack of trades 5- invigorate i wanted to buy aegis, but from what i hear it is glitched, also berserker would be good for those without ovls i hear
  12. mah tetsu is better than yoursssssssssssssssssssssssssss >:D

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