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  1. Hi all, I should have 99 RC in a week or two, and when I do was planning to get members. I was wondering, since I haven't played in a few years and don't really know all the good money making ways anymore, if making double nats without any summon help would be good cash? I can get all the big pouches from Runespan so I can use those, not sure what else they have to use in P2P for RC. Advice?
  2. I have an account that I'm not too sure of what to do with. I played and quit before EoC and to be honest I still have no idea on how EoC totally works. It's currently 88/99 Runecrafting and I'll probably start up combat/quests/get members when I get that 99. Attack - 20 Strength - 20 Defense - 15 Magic - 94 Ranged - 60 HP - 50 I was thinking about a zerker pure if those are still in use, but I dunno which pures are still usable in EoC. I tried F2P PKing for a couple lifes and actually did pretty good with just rune arrows and some spells. Advice? Also, if I were to make a zerker pure, are there any new armors that I'd be able to wear? I stopped playing around when they brought in divine shields and all that jazz, so I don't know much else after that. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I was wondering if the 2nd level Runespan level in F2P would work for getting me 99 Runecrafting. I'm at 60, but I've been getting 40-50k xp an hour. Advice?
  4. Hey all, I just started getting back into RS after being bored, and hopped back on to my pure; only to realize that my 94 Magic pure has been rendered completely useless. So now I guess I'm just leveling things up slowly. It's just that things seemed to have changed more than I realize, and was wondering if you guys could give me a recap on some of the other stuff other than the obvious eoc. I just found out today that Burth and Tav are f2p now, that's really weird. I remember looking at the gate to Taverly before I got members in like 05/06 thinking there was such a huge world to explore behind those gates.
  5. FOOKINPRAWNS seems to be the name. I add "fookinprawns" to my friendslist and it changes it to "FOOKINPRAWNS" . But when i try to recover the password with "FOOKINPRAWNS" it tells me it's incorrect..... WTF do I do?
  6. this is fellonynoob, that seems to be the account "Fookinprawns" but when I go to recover it, it seems to not be it............. ughhhhhhhhhhh. it has like 20k climbers or something on it
  7. NSTFT Noobs say the funniest thigns I think? Big man on the block 3/26/09 Ollyc3 RS Art I thought was 2 cool back in the day Gotta keep the whole browser and desktop in, haha Ollyc3's 99 RC party
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