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  1. I have a tab with some loot and resources in it and I'm planning on selling them. But with DXPW coming up, I always seem to predict prices wrong. I was wondering when the best time to sell would be for max profit. And two side questions, but which scrimshaw (tradable) should I make for most profit and is attuned crystal armor from Tardiad worth the time to get? (I have all world event sets)
  2. I'm level 95 fishing with full fishing outfil, what is the most afkable way to max fishing? And second is I have a long-term goal of 120 defence. I am max combat and have all the necessary gear, but I'm not made of money either lol. So what is a good afkable (I don't mind semi-afk or even non-afk either but ofc would prefer full afk if possible) spot to grind out 120 def? And which combat style would be best to use?
  3. Thanks, do I need to finish any tasks to unlock that feature from the smuggler? And your setup seems nice, do you remember how long it took to obtain the blood necklace?
  4. I probably can't get groups that can do floors in that time. So I can get relatively similar amounts of xp just doing 6 minute mediums? Back in the day I would rush floors 1-30 on c1, small. Do soloers do that or do they start doing mediums from floor 1? And I was looking at this link about task rewards http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Daemonheim_aura_4 and I couldn't find any mention of feathers, antipoison or rune ess?
  5. I haven't dg'ed in a while, getting by with just sinkholes and dailies. But I want to get back in and have a couple questions. What gear should I bind? I have maxed combat and am currently wearing a shadowsilk hood, primal maul, saggy short with 225 saggy arrows and a primal chainbody. I also have a celestial catalytic staff in storage. Related to previous question, what roles are best to upgrade on the ring of kinship? What potion would be best to bind? Has dging changed in any large way since daemonheim tasks were introduced? (that was around when I stopped dging) Thanks guys
  6. okay thanks. This is a completely random question, but which divine location produces max profit (if I make it myself and have 5 people gather from it)
  7. Basically the title. How can I get the most points per hour at Runespan?
  8. Basically the title. I'm going to be mainly slaying, maybe some soul wars/castle wars and possibly boss.
  9. I have two skills left to train, runecrafting and divination and both are currently 92. My questions are 1. Which skill should I dump my bonus xp and other lamps into? So basically, which skill is less afk? 2. Should I train div at the level 85 spot or level 90 spot till I reach level 95? And should I use the nightmare muspah or light creature? (I want to afk)
  10. 'ancientsouls' fc for minigames, specifical soul wars and castle wars
  11. Thanks for the advice. If the rates are truly that high, then it isn't worth it.
  12. Other than the max guild obviously, what are the best ways to get a crystal acorn? I am already hopping worlds for a crystal impling but it is an unreliable method and the only time I caught a crystal impling, I got some dragonstones.
  13. In Elf Batch 2, crystal implings will spawn from tree-shaking scrimshaws. And there will be 2 VoS active at the same time, meaning there will be two imps flying around. I wouldn't sweat it too much right now.
  14. Thanks for the complete answer, less than 1% left till I get into the shield but I feel ready :)
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