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  1. I give the wall a Thunder Stone and it evolves. 73 HP
  2. In order to achieve such perfect balance, everybody had to stand perfectly still which threw of the natural balance of the planet, causing it to alter it orbit pattern and fly dangerously close to the sun... I wish we weren't so close to the sun.
  3. When I use the Games Necklace to get to gamers grotto, where do i go to find the dragons?
  4. What would be ideal gear (ranged since im 76 ranged) and ideal location to do green dragons? And should I keep bones and hides or bury bones and focus on hides?
  5. I know this is a vague topic to ask advice or help on, but I just joined members within the past 2 weeks. My character was a pure so only had 50 att 50 str 10 def 75 ranged and 62 magic, not any other skills. I was fortunate from my pking days to have acquired a couple million and have since used most of that to get most of my skills up to or above 50. (68 smithing, 60 firemaking, etc.) I have limited gear and only 44 def. I am ok with doing a little merchanting but I dont have the kind of money to make it truly worthwhile. And I dont have the money or gear to go do the high end monster fights with the sick drops. Now I'm not completely stupid, I know I could grind away and mine 10,000 coal or cut 50,000 yew logs etc. to make money and I will be doing those things as I level my skills, but I am looking for your advice for what has worked for you when you were in a pinch and didn't have 20m just lying around to merchant or buy gear to go slay high end monsters. Let me also point out that I hate mining. And fishing isn't my favorite. But other than that talk to me about what has worked for you. I feel that I am fairly proficient at merchanting, regardless of how you feel about the concept, but I can't truly dive into that until I get a larger cash source. And if you think merchanting is the answer and you feel like being generous and lending some money until I can repay, go for it. The reason I am so curious is that I played this game several years ago and just got back into it, so I am about 5 years behind on quests, skills, etc. in the game, let alone the members side of the coin. Any advice or assistance would be very appreciated. I am more than willing to try different money making ventures and can keep you all posted on how it goes. Thanks again.
  6. With all the updates between now and December and depending on market trends... I hope so.
  7. It would be nice if there was a screen where you could track what "bots" you had reported so that you could essentially open a "botting case file" so that you could submit more significant proof and stand a better chance of getting them banned.
  8. The only concern I would have with this kind of data collection (aside from rate changes occuring frequently) would be the fact that your spin is also dictated by where the wheel is when you push the button. To make the data accurate you would have to press the button at the same spot on the wheel every time, which could be very difficult.
  9. I'm not sure what the current price is for them, but I wonder if it is even worth buying a couple to hold onto for 6 months in hopes of the price sky rocketing.
  10. **Although I added a poll to this, I am more interested in discussing your beliefs on the future of the Fish Mask. If you want to vote on the poll, please leave a reply with your views on the subject** Well the fish mask came out as a SoF prize, and I was lucky enough to get one on the first day. Being F2P, I was only in possesion of about 2m gp. So when I walked into the market and found people offering to buy the mask for 6 million I about soiled my pants. Not only that but I was able to turn around and rebuy for 5.5m and then sell again for 6m. It was like the Runescape gods were smiling down upon me. So after making about 3 m in profit off of rebuying and selling I was sitting there with 2 fish masks, feeling like some sort of rare tycoon. Then I saw something scary. I had paid 5.5m for both masks.... Random Player: Buying fish mask 5m Another Player: Buying fish mask 4 million A Player: Buying fm 3.9m I frantically ran around trying to sell my masks for profit but in the end had to dump them at a loss of 1 million gp for fear of losing more. Now sitting back and thinking about these new "RARE" Fish Masks, I started to think...the reason other rares are so expensive is becuase it is impossible to get any more of them. There are a set number available in the world of Runescape and that number can only ever go down. As for these fish masks, anybody can get them. At an "Uncommon" rate on SoF, and from what I've read Jagex will keep them as "Rare" items after this week is over. So there will not be a finite number of these available and more and more people will be able to spin and get one. So what are you ideas on the future of the RARE new Fish Mask. Will it stay expensive? Will it become too common and worthless? Will Jagex eventually discontinue issuing it and make it a "true" rare? And most importantly, why did Jagex do this? Shallow ploy to get people to pay for spins? New item to shake up the RS economy? Tell me what you think?
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