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  1. comforting people who are upset, just knowing that I've made someone feel better about something makes me feel better, especially if there are hugs involved
  2. Seeing a happy dog, there's just something about the way a dog can be enjoying itself no matter the circumstances that never fails to make me smile. Conversely, seeing a sad dog is the one the things I find most upsetting. Keeping with the animals theme, sleeping cats also make me smile, so do cats who are running around chasing something, especially if I have no idea what that something is. Also, solving massive maths problems is always incredibly satisfying, so is having a program compile and run correctly he first time around.
  3. this, I had to cycle to uni in the rain today, and I had to cycle extra fast 'cause I was running late, which made the problem worse. By the time I'd got dry it was the end of the day and I had to cycle back through the rain to get home
  4. One thing that's always annoyed me is when characters are playing a game and they just swing the controller around and mindlessly mash the shoulder buttons, in real life I probably move around more when I'm reading than when I'm gaming
  5. The fact that I haven't received anything about my university accommodation yet, but my friend, who applied about 3 months after I did, to the same place, has.
  6. It annoys me that the top rated comments on a lot youtube videos seem to fall into three catergories: - A direct quote from the video - A "joke" about the people who disliked it, bonus points if it relates to the video - A snooty meta-comment about how the top rated comment is always one of the above also, anyone who posts a comment with the words "like if you agree" at the end of it should lose their posting privileges
  7. Some of the most hilarious conversations I've been a part of have been in a toilet in a club with a drunk stranger Something that's annoyed me today is the fact that the UCAS website hasn't been working properly because of all the people trying to access it, would have really been so difficult to prepare it for the easily predicted amounts of traffic?
  8. Feeling nervous about getting my A-level results tomorrow, I wasn't feeling nervous about getting them, but now I am because all my friends are on facebook going "omg so nervous!!!11!!1" and because people keep going "So, are you nervous about getting your results tomorrow?"
  9. All you RHD people keep saying this, but honestly...I feel way better putting my strong arm [right hand] on the stick, so I don't have to worry about grinding gears constantly, or stalling for that matter. MOst cars have power steering so my left hand is fine controlling the car - hell I've seen people drive with their knees. Actually there's no difference in driving RHD or LHD. It's going to feel odd for the first few times then then you'll be so used to it you won't even notice it. Seems like people are really making such a big fuss about "oh, but my strong arm won't be on the wheel anymore!!!" That's where powersteering comes in. If you're worth a driver's ass you should be able to sreer the car with your weak hand/arm's weakest finger. Switching from LHD to RHD or vice verca. But the fact of the matter is, it's better to change gears with the stronger hand. It offers more control. You simply need to keep your hand on the wheel when you shift gears. There's no need to turn nor swerve whilst changing gears, so there's no need to keep your stronger hand on the wheel. If you can't keep something as simple as a steering wheel straight with your weaker arm then you might as well cut it off. I'll never need to be turning while changing gears? So I guess I should be going around roundabouts in first gear all the time then? Anyway, the point isn't that I can't control the car with my left hand, hell, I could probably steer a car with my chin if I felt like it. The point is that I personally feel more confident with my stronger right arm making sure the car is going where I want it to go.
  10. Piscis_Rex


    Is that a cookie inside a cookie? hold on, I need to go find either Xzibit or Leonardo DiCaprio. That mini pie maker looks cool, although something about putting potatoes inside a pie has never sat right with me, not sure why as I'm fine with eating potatoes with pie
  11. Piscis_Rex

    England Riots

    Looters: break 1000£ windows to steal a few 10£ gift cards. Worthless giftcards, they need to be activated with payment via the tills. - MY sister works for argos, she said that any gift card stollen from the shops are useless, they done thousands of pounds of damage, thinking they are getting hundreds if not thousands of cards and nothing. I'd love to see the situation after this has all blown over: Looter: "I'd like to buy this expensive item" Shopkeeper: "oh, and how will you be paying for that?" Looter: "With all of these giftcards" Shopkeeper: "Hmm, it appears that none of these giftcards are activated, could you just go and wait over there?" Shopkeeper then goes and calls the police, who come and arrest Looter for looting, and everyone laughs at him for being stupid
  12. I know the car isn't going to swerve out of control if I'm not keeping my hands on the wheel, but if I'm shifting gears while going round a roundabout, or even if something happens which will require me to suddenly have to change direction while changing gears, I personally would feel safer and more confident with my stronger hand on the wheel. I'm not saying it's a superior way of having it, just that it's the one I'd prefer, although that could easily be because it's the only way I've tried. In reality it probably doesn't make that much difference, and while it would make sense for the entire world to use the same system, the amount of effort and cost it would take to achieve that would be unlikely to be outweighed by the benefits
  13. Piscis_Rex

    England Riots

    So people went out and started rioting just because they saw others do it on tv? That would be just...stupid... People are... Stupid
  14. Piscis_Rex

    England Riots

    It's also stupid because I can't help but feel that most of the rioters are on benefits I love that some of the less intelligent (and this is possibly the loosest possible application of the term 'intelligent', everyone involved in prolonging these riots is a moron) have posted pictures of themselves on facebook with stuff they've stolen, like this guy: got himself a sweet-ass bag of basmati rice
  15. ^ it's on the left, it goes clutch - brake - accelerator, I imagine if that was different it would cause a whole lot more problems than the steering wheel being on the other side/the gears being the other way around
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