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  1. Perhaps, for maxed out players, but we're not all so. Could additional info please be added to the Notes section, so as not to be misleading to most players?
  2. A correction is needed to the bestiary write-up for Nechryaels. In the Notes section: " ... They occasionally summon Death spawns during combat. ..." 'Occasionally' should be removed from that sentence, as the Death spawns occur all the time during combat.
  3. Excellent! I look forward to it. Thanks for your reply!
  4. Hello! Can someone from the Rune Tips crew tell me when the guide to Fish Flingers will be updated to include the latest changes?
  5. The link from the Slayer guide needs to be corrected for Kurasks (Slayer level 70 / bestiary level 106). Currently, it leads to the homepage.
  6. An update needs to be made in regards to the location of Turael within the Slayer guide. Turael's location is no longer in Burthorpe, but in Taverley. Two corrections needed: 1- Within the list of slayer masters 2- In the points section near the bottom. Change "If you Burthorpe any task ..." to Taverley.
  7. I'm an older adult player (member at RS) checking if there are any clans that have only adult (preferably older adult) players. I'm looking mainly for a social clan, but possibly not opposed to other ideas. My RSN is Zaxts. Feel free to check out my Adventurer's Log.
  8. I had thought of that, but would a pic really prove it? Anyone could fake such a drop by cutting the logs themselves, note it, and post a pic of it, claiming a drop like myself. Not likely, but not really "proof", if you know what I mean. I guess it would be better if multiple players had experienced the same drop, making it more believeable. Perhaps if it was reported "x" amount of times, it would not need to be in italics any longer? Something to think about.
  9. During a slayer assignment from Chaelder, for fire giants, I had a drop that was currently not listed in your bestiary. It was for 491 yew logs (members) in the Pollnivneach dungeon. I was wearing a Ring of Wealth. I have no idea how I confirm this, sorry.
  10. Sorry, didn't know this was needed. I've had the Cyclopes task 3 times now with Mazchna. We cannot add everything someone says, as we'd have a lot of wrong information, so we need to confirm everything. Next time you get this task, if you could take a screenie of the dialogue where Mazchna assings them, that'd be great! Thanks for letting me know. I'm new at this! :thumbsup:
  11. Sorry, didn't know this was needed. I've had the Cyclopes task 3 times now with Mazchna.
  12. Change to Slayer guide: Please add a cyclopes assignment to the Mazchna list.
  13. This is from the "Tips, tricks & notes" section at the bottom of Buyers and Cellars: "Vials of stench can be used to fence recently shoplifted goods, for example, buying or selling from the baker in Ardougne just after stealing from the cake stall. You must first take the Vial of stench you used in the third subquest back to Robin for enchanting, however. Afterward, you'll be able to make your own." After you finish the main quest and the subquests, you can indeed make your own vial of stench. You still need to come back to Robin, in the thieving guild, every time to activate it though. You can confirm this by using the 'Destroy' option on a vial of stench (a).
  14. Each to their own, but my idea of having fun in this game doesn't include spending a potential great deal of time, standing around in a bank typing over and over again to buy or sell. I would rather do something else more productive, like leveling a skill. As I mentioned, this does not preclude the fact that I may try pvp trading to sell expensive items. So, I would be happy to see the Grand Exchange continue to function properly, albeit it with the price caps removed. With the use of it, you can reach across all the worlds, not just the one you're in. So, to my mind, it just makes good sense.
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