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  1. lol, i was doing some work experience at University College London where a researcher was explaining this concept to me. Good to see it's working. basically instead of scientists manually figuring out each arrangement of proteins/viruses, they're essentially letting the general public do the same thing for free.
  2. i dont get it..you got magic (g) from some mystery cracker?
  3. ty m8, got it a day ish before bew so no xp+ :< and i wanted a nice picture, so chats off :P
  4. 8.5mil :/ this [cabbage] is crashing cos ppl like me go there and get a free pair of shoes
  5. he said he wanted to try out the new barrows brother lol torag's helm first chest apparently.
  6. resource dungeons. xp is crap at low levels.
  7. nice typo lolz actually it is possible, just a huge pain in the arse, and i dont bother. (needs monster attacks synched, and quick clicking and low ping. I've never been fast enough to do it) and er apparently 'dung smith' is the friends chat u want for smithing items.
  8. best binds for you are 1: Gorgonite 2h Sword 2: Shadow Silk Hood > Gorgonite platebody (You're not that far off 50 anyway) Ammo: Law rune Always use strength style with a berserker ring (slash or crush). Your quickswitch should be gatherer with laws. DO NOT KILL EVERY MONSTER. ONLY KILL MONSTERS IN GD ROOMS. Only real exception is 2nd page herb polter. otherwise pray magic/range/melee and tank the monsters.
  9. correct binds help a lot. no idea what ur stats are tho, so cant say what they are for you. are you remembering to reset your prestige lol?
  10. These were the first two guys to point us to Suomi being the biggest contender at a time when he was way outside the top 15 (between 25 and 50). I was not a believer at that time and I'm glad I was proven wrong! The last year tracking you was pretty awesome and good luck in your reign! lolz ollyc3<3 he is a wizard irl. grats to suomi on rank1
  11. 5k charge is unrelated. they're the new hybrid armours.
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