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  1. I felt like playing with photoshop for a bit, so there you go
  2. I haven't read the books but I get the feeling Cersei's prophecy is totally going to happen. Myrcella is practically screwed. Tommen is a weak as hell. Joffrey was an [wagon] but you gotta appreciate that he would have cut off the heads of every one of the sparrows that had disrespected him.
  3. some people do actually like kids that was directed at you calling kids "little shits" Oh by little shits I of course meant precious little angels.
  4. The part where he says he's worried makes me think boris is not interested in kids right now. Pro detective skills at work here
  5. She's bringing it up already and you're not even in a relationship yet, I think she's serious. You don't joke about spending the next 20 years of your life raising little shits.
  6. The signal It was a wild ride, I liked it
  7. Not in paint but there you go anyway I don't remember what my character wore exactly but I do remember the most important part: BUNNY EARS
  8. Men don't understand subtle hints. Tell him how you feel in the plainest words possible. I'd be shocked if he got offended that you asked his relationship status. "How dare you LIKE ME?!" Hell most guys get flattered when gay men hit on them, I think you're in the clear. The guy might not even understand that you like him from your asking his relationship status. In fact, it's a high possibility. Subtlety doesn't work.
  9. I think it's a case of certain women being brought up to feel ashamed about their own sexual desire and projecting out their insecurity onto so called slutty women. Kind of like those politicans who are aggressively involved in anti-gay campaigns, to an almost suspicious degree, and then later get caught with their pants down bonking a man haha
  10. Last game I got was the first five fights freddy's. I didn't find it scary per se, just very stressful, a few seconds late and you're dead.
  11. I think part of that is due to the slut stigma. Women are not afforded the socially acceptable opportunity to aggressively initiate. It's quite sad really. By being assertive you're giving her an opportunity she was uncomfortable grasping on her own. If the stigma didn't exist, I think a lot of women would naturally take the assertive role.
  12. Out of context micro-payments quote aside, I'm far more interested in the fact Cousens was accused of corporate fraud, pocketing a 800,000$ "bonus" while Acclaim was going bankrupt. I can't find any information on how the lawsuit was settled. Then he goes on to join codemasters as CEO, does well for a while, until things start taking a nosedive and keep getting worse for years. This guy leaves destruction in his wake and Runescape is his next plaything, I think you should be worried.
  13. a word I'd have to google A tasty French baguette
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