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  1. What are the clan chats for sc again? i forget. and whats the tip it clan chat again
  2. Is there a chat channel for player owned ports?
  3. You can skip 15 years if you can stop caring what your friends think..... im glad im 34 sometimes.
  4. Here is the best farming tip you will ever get. Drink a leter of water before bed. When you wake up to take a leak do a farm run. Adds hundreds of thousands of exp / month. And most people are dehydrated anyway, a leter of water before bed is amazing for you, heck use it to wash down a multivitamin as well and you are rockin.
  5. +1 ^ that guy And thats why we go to math class....
  6. There was no dev time wasted on any of this. The citadels were done and deployed, all they had to do was have someone translate the text so people in those country's could read it in their native language. If a dev touched this at all it would have been to make a window bigger or smaller to accommodate the foreign character set. Even then that's just changing a few variables. They did not have an update ready this is just a band-aid update. Whatever it happens....
  7. can i afk the roots like WC? are they hostile guys down therE?
  8. Clicking and lighting fires makes me want to slash my wrist.... what are my options here... i dont care if it takes longer just as long as i dont hate it.
  9. This is such a mistake. With the current state of the game holding cash is a loosing strategy. Spend it all on skills man... making cash is easy anyway.
  10. This citidals are instanced and instances require resources. And it only takes 5 bone heads to create one of these things. They do not want you to hang out in them and skill. ((number of bone heads in runescape)/5) x (however much memory and resources for one citidal)) = $$$$$$$ BLING!
  11. They have to have instances to create any real end game raid content. This FFA random-who-gets-the-drop crap is unacceptable. Look forward to some real scripted boss fights in the future.
  12. Money comes and goes in this game, skills last forever. I say spend it. There are very few skills that actually add utility to your character prayer is one of them agility is the other. When i bought 99 prayer i had 20k left in the bank.. was worth every penny.
  13. You are looking at an investment of 10k hours. If you were to pick ANYTHING to invest that much time in why on earth would you chose runescape. you could become fluent in another lanugaue or get a masters degree. None of us that are close to max started out with that goal... and if i could have the 7k hours i have invested in runecape back i would do it in a new york minute. Dont be dumb like me... do something else. Chances are you are really young to... and beleve you me dupe as many chicks into the sack now while you are young... once you get to be my age the same tricks dont work.
  14. That would only work on uninformed people like you. Anyone who can create and implement an automation system to play runescape can get past this small technical hurdle you speak of. Its like locks, they only keep honest people out. It would only screw over the 10% legit players... the botters would have this beat by lunchtime. It only takes a few min to set up a proxy.
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