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  1. Durring herb runs, I usualy farm allotments with what ever seeds I happen to have from thieving; with the scroll of life we get ten percent seeds back I think. Does getting the allotment seed back negate the herb seed return?
  2. What about that idea about the high level non tradable armor, there was a thread somewhere . . .
  3. VARN

    eReaders & eBooks

    I believe the thinking was they wanted people to buy books instead of transfering your own books. I was going to get a DX for all my referance pdfs I just bought a laptop instead.
  4. VARN

    eReaders & eBooks

    I was going to get a Kindel, until I read there is no longer an SD slot.
  5. Can you still withdraw them as a note? That used to work.
  6. We have a reliable system, also the friends chat is "M A S O R S"
  7. I would try rebooting and installing offline, download the file and install without window update.
  8. I was hoping to off set the cost of the nature; I guess I will just farm and wait until I have enough.
  9. The three-headed golden anvil in Dorgesh-Kaan.
  10. I use Excel 2010 professional I think, I am not familiar with google but can you reference other documents with it? You could get your 50 links then it would count as one in another sheet.
  11. I use the search GE results page; it is accurate to about 100 gp. Just click data from web and put in the address then you can manipulate the data in excel; I put everything on a seperate worksheet.
  12. Will the Varrock armour work without wearing the gold armour gloves?
  13. You have VNC and a video guide, have you tried it yet? If you are having problems please post back with the details.
  14. I would like more details on this method: should I use gold mining armor, with varrock plate and mine a full inventory, then switch to gold smithing gauntlets and superheat; or should I just forget about the gold armor? I do intend on banking the bars.
  15. I use windows live mesh, it seems to have all the features you require. I do not have a mac so I cannot give you a step by step guide, I will try to answer any questions you have though.
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