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  1. I get all the girls, I get *all* the girls.

  2. Or they change some grammar in the subtitles and for some reason the Corp beast turns into a fluffy kitten.
  3. And guys cared more about boobs than exp/hour or exp/gp ratios. :rolleyes:
  4. Remember when Runescape wasn't about forcing group play on to people and the only thing you needed help with was Shield of Arrav? Those were the days.
  5. If that were possible, i'd be the first in line to apply for being your ammo carrier :P What we need is not 1 M2 Browning, we gotta sweep the whole world with a friggin flamethrower-equiped division OT: In my humble opinion, I still think they should remove Free trade asap, they've clearly proven nable to stop the bots, which they promised they would It would not only effectively stop the bots, but it's also a good protection against scammers [hide][/hide] "Don't worry about the bots. I'm on it!" :thumbup:
  6. Probably due to them selling out to the US.. And when you sold out to the US the only thing that matters is money, money money. In the US no one cares about ethics anymore. I care about ethics. I care how much I can get for forsaking them. :D
  7. Pay a Chinese person to stop botting for a day and to train your Dung.
  8. Yes, it'll be awful. I'm think something worse than Gigli, but slightly better than Ishtar.
  9. Draz, Ian already owes someone a lot of cash that her borrowed, so get in line.
  10. People are complaining about a part of the Holiday event being P2P. I personally don't care about a cosmetic reward, but it is another little check in the "Jagex is only about money now" column. Just my opinion.
  11. I personally think that the Clan Camp was a solid update and you're jumping on a very old bandwagon that's falling apart. It did exactly what it was meant to do, bringing clans into a cohesive and standardised system. It saves everyone who want to make a clan a lot of time. I'm not jumping on. I've been on this bandwagon. Hell I helped build it.
  12. this thread makes the same argument over and over and over. YES, we understand that any human eye can catch and tell who is a bot and who isn't, but Jagex cant have people watching every server, and every high botting area all the time. it is simply impossible. they rely on computer detection. Here in itself is another problem, you cant just ban anyone for doing repetitive bot-like actions, because thats what the game is! repetitive actions, and some players are great are matching the same keystrokes or mouse swipes in the same time, its called muscle memory. Jagex has to come up with something that can ban bots without banning real players while at the same time making it general enought to cover the entire game. all of this while botting sites are just getting more advanced. in total: stop saying you can catch bots so why cant jagex. it is the most idiotic argument that you can possibly make! I think most of us are upset because of Jagex blowing smoke up our ass about their ultra new bot detection and when the bots come back, they are completely unable to deal with it so they just stop bothering. I think this is their new bot detection system they were talking about. [hide][/hide]
  13. Well, one main issue here is the various Mods and Admins who act a little more than necessary. Throwing out the baby with the bathwater and all that.
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