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  1. starting in 30 mins if anyone is interested my cc i'll be on in about 15 mins to add people
  2. Hello there :D My name is Rh0 from TBC and we are opening one of our events to the Runescape community TBC shall be hosting a Tormented Demons mass on easter Monday from 12pm GMT onwards and we'd like to invite you along or some fun and to meet some of our clan members. Now this event is generally good fun and we hope that some of you in the community wil come join us and make some GEEPEES!! :D This event will be LOOTSHARE ONLY and wil be hosted through my cc (Rh0 <--thats a zero) and any leeching shall not be allowed and possiblly see you kicked from the cc We hope to see you there tomorrow :)
  3. nice at 81 slayer i went up and got an abby head drop :o much rarer imho gratz tho
  4. lol make this into a 'rate the name abover' thread :P could be fun :P
  5. gratz! I got my bunyip yesterday!! Love at first healing :thumbsup:
  6. ToG isn't available for the 1st week. By that time you'd be far behind everyone else :oops:
  7. can anyone offer any information where the best place to get gold charms are?
  8. If you can get into Burgh De rott then u can get an unlimited supply of thin snails to use whilst summoning :D Enjoy :)
  9. nice typo on your friends Gratz message! :P Well Done On Solo hilt tho :D
  10. nice guide! :D What you could also do is take pouches with you so you can maximise how much esscence you can carry at the one time! :D Other than that good guide!
  11. Nice drops mate :) Glad someone had some luck at barrows :(
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