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  1. finaly somebody has got 30 (i really cba to even get past level 4 right now :roll: laggy)
  2. i have no idea i'm no longer a member and have retired (i'll have to update my profile :S) so i don't know. Something to consider though. could somebody pleaese try that? Cheers
  3. i've seen exactly what he said on a video on youtube sometime. he just copied it lol off topic: going to south africa 2morrow so cya people
  4. thanks for the posts both of you barbedwireboy - those pouches take up 4 inventory space so it's 26 more than without pouches
  5. this is what happens when you'r dad's credit card expires while you are in rune essence from yanille:
  6. Aww. Gud i gave it 2 u now, bcozz after January u cant trade wif more than 3k diff (f.ex. zuper cant give 500k to pai for free -.- ). :x :x :x Ima go & rant bout it. :notalk: :evil: when did you find that out? :wall: Edit: ohh hadn't seen rs homepage at the time
  7. You scored 25 out of 30 on the first test and 30 out of 30 on the second test. that was copied from the website :mrgreen: right on the first test i was concentrating and all but on the second test i was juggling while i was doing it but i was just letting it through i think if i did tat on the 1st test i'd have done better because it gets imbedded in your brain or something like that :wall: anyway was very boring
  8. umm.. bump. just got back from residential visit to germany :D
  9. thanks for the post. i think it is still better to use a rune picaxe, more ess per hour. however, yes if you have a very high mining, a mining under 40 or can't afford a rune picaxe (lol) yes mythril would be better That pic: I don't know how he got it down to -14. 2 kilos are taken off by a lighter pickaxe. That would be -13. I don't know. Ohh well.
  10. thanks. No, no, I'm poor 'cuz i always spend my money when i get it... i found the pic on the internet lol Iwas expecting like 5 views, let alone 520 :D pretty nice?
  11. thanks for the post. overall though i think it is worth it
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