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  2. Definitely the image. I tried it on my brother's PC and it still didn't work :o
  3. Image is just under 250kb. But, even the screenshot of it doesn't work!? I'm getting frustrated :wall:
  4. Yes, I have. Didn't work either. It's definitely the image. I tried it on a different PC and it didn't upload either. Even a screenshot of that pictures doesn't work :o (I guess my friend pics are too bad to be put on the internet! :o) Help :(
  5. Yes, it immediately goes to a 'Cannot display webpage' error. If it helps, I'm using IE7. I also tried it with FF but same problems :s
  6. I've been trying to upload some images onto Imageshack or Photobucket, but to no avail. Imageshack keeps saying "No files were uploaded" while Photobucket doesn't upload it at all. Attaching it onto email doesn't work either :? Facebook, Twitter and Myspace won't let me upload it too. Other images work, but some just doesn't work at all! I even took a screenshot of it but that didn't upload either. I've re-saved it using GIMP, Photoshop and Paint, all to no avail. I'm baffled :cry:
  7. A dog -.- Which was pretty sad because I didn't know it was until I finished a bowl. Oh, I like to dip my chips into Mcflurry. :thumbup:
  8. My settings are already at their minimum >.<
  9. Anyone had this happen before? :? [yt]oX9WjwxzE3M[/yt]
  10. Steam seems to be having problems of logging stats and all. I just got 12 backstabs, even said I beat my previous record but my Steam profile still says 8 -.-
  11. The people round here grows on you. Good for debates, opinions, medical advice... I like the friendly atmosphere :lol:
  12. A classmate of mine just posted pictured of him taking part in an anti-Israel campaign here in London. He was wearing a moustache like Hitler and written the words "Slags" all over his face. The ironic thing is that he word a shirt saying "peace" and just 2 days ago, he told me he wanted to massacre everyone in Israel :roll:
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