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  1. Oh, yeah, everythings so different, i couldnt even talk in a clan without being a member so I was confused. I still have 10m, should I still be fine? Or did everything inflate lol. Also, I wont be playing full time, maybe just clan wars skilling etc, so is rune still the strongest for f2p? Or did they add a whole bunch of capes, ammys etc.
  2. Hey guys, I haven't played since 2010, and I was wondering if someone could some up the major changes, especially in the f2p world. Also, is there anything that free players like me can do to keep me busy?
  3. im doing it at edge, and yea its good xp even with enfeeble and sc, 150k xp per hour, only con is that ppl report me for autoing....
  4. dude shut up ppl are just trying to help him out, and yes my friend started with one with about the same number of charms and got to 68
  5. 2 because fighter torso has same str bonus as bcp and you have 99 def so a little less def bonus wont matter.
  6. blue drags are too crowded =\
  7. Is there anything good that i can do thats like 80k xp per hour? I really dont think people should alch, since its super boring, but thats the only method i know thats efficient at my lvl. I could do sc hats at soul wars, but it might cost alot. Anyone have a good method? -thanks
  8. After the update, I've been having trouble switching weapons and picking up items. Half the time I click something it doesnt responds until i click it like 3 times. Do you guys get this too?
  9. Id say whoever pks in a +1 world with d claws or gs is no honor.
  10. ankous with b2p tabs you could use salve too
  11. I really hate when people act like this, thats why its called a help and advice forum.
  12. its single cb i think, so bring a tb. sc coifs last like only 20k but im guessing archer helm is better
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