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  1. I move to London very soon I need a laptop to keep in touch with people (skype and facebook) which is also portable because I'll be traveling around a lot. Please let me know if this suits, I dont know much but I would be concerned about having 1gb of RAM and running windows 7 and possibly office. I would also like to buy and play starcraft 2 but this is not essential Thanks for your help with link: http://firstin.co.nz/products/asus-1005pe-8-hour-windows-7-netbook-3366/
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    After overloading heaps at the gym for the first half of the year (and being happy with my results, both in reps and 1 rep max) I have hit a plateau. I havent been able to add any weight to my main exercises and even feel that my techniques has dropped on the bench. I decided to ride out the plateau because I've only been doing my new routine for 4 weeks, but am questioning my decision. Although I haven't changed the basics of my routine I have added heaps of supersets to try and counter the plateau Any advice is appreciated, keeping in mind I just basically want to become stronger AND more powerful
  3. In NZ the capital is not the financial or populationcentre of the country. This comes with its own problems, obviously its inconvenient that significant trading doesn't occur there. People from Wellington often work in public service and get paid significantly less, this can cause them to harbour resentment. Anyhow, this relates to me from a different angle... I just recieved my UK passport and am planning on moving to London and working as a relief teacher. Teacher pay isnt regulated there like it is here and I will earn about 130-150 pounds a day. Will this be enough to live on?
  4. NZs whole campaign has been an epic win (ironic considering it consists mainly of draws). My stupid cell phone battery ran out and I missed the game! guts
  5. I know this is very specific and will be locked but I was wondering how you can make a video of a search on google. I have seen it heaps on these forums and (ironically) tried to find it via a google search but it didnt work. My ex asked for more links and I want her to learn to type 'cute baby animals' into google for herself.. cheers
  6. Ignoring the toning debate, I'll offer my 2 cents and review the advice you have already recieved: Wii Fit is a great start, follow the designated programme Use interval training when running (run 100 steps, walk 50, repeat) If there is a playground nearby I would recommend 3 sets of push ups, tricep push-ups, pull-ups, wide grip pull-ups and sit ups. You could add your own number of reps but the last set should be till death. Hopefully a little resistance training will give you ideas on what you would like to do at the gym if you ever go, oh and take some advice!
  7. Toning is a myth. Working out will build muscle, and losing fat will make it appear more defined. That's the be all and end all of it. The toning myth goes hand in hand with the myth that you should choose an area of the body you are unhappy with and 'fix' it. people who do sit ups when they think their belly is fat will either; change nothing, have a more pronounced stomach and/or develop bad posture which will require expensive professional attention. Both myths are potentially very harmful and its borderline criminal that 'health' companies exploit these myths in combination with body image insecurities [/rant]
  8. Really? Anyway, I was in a similar situation in 2008. My girlfriend and I were in the States when we found out she was 4 months preggas. We decided to terminate and it was illegal in CT so we had to jump states. Nothing has made me feel so rotten in my whole life. But it was a decision we gave a lot of consideration to and despite her religious convictions and my sense of duty we knew we would be doing a disservice to ourselves and society by attempting to soundly raise a child while still at school. We talked about existentialism and what gives life meaning (according to us). In hindsight the steps we went through and the consideration we gave made it easier and a decision we were less likely to regret. Remember that its something you will have to live with the rest of your life either way. We also decided that regret wasn't productive and that we would make steps to help children who are malnourished/dying and make a difference that way. Contraception is a big deal and abstinence isn't that bad once you get past social assumptions and barriers
  9. Halberd or scimitar? Wow that all sounds very impressive but I doubt many people could decipher it. How much can you bench in kgs? A photo would be nice too. Anyway I work out fairly regularly but I have never really had specific goals and have been happy enough with my progress. I started going to bodypump type classes and wondered how this will affect my development. Bodypump is 10 tracks of about 150 reps, targeting specific muscles (warm-up, quads, chest, back, bi, tris, shoulders, lunges, abs, warm-down) with 10-30kg weights. Would you recommend this and should I expect to keep overloading even though I am doing this once a week?
  10. Haha, I know, I know. Everybody hates Palmy. I would like to say that I just miss the uni lifestyle... but I would be lying. I miss the geography, I miss the turbines, I miss the people, I miss having a big mall in a tiny town, I miss cheap drinks, I miss walking everywhere even though I have a car, I miss cheap Tuesdays at downtown and cobb. thiskind of thing
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