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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Relaxed Dungeoneering We are a non-rush Dungeoneering group with a focus on teamwork, communication and fun floors with a laid-back and friendly attitude. We don't rush, suicide, leech, snipe, or rage-quit. We're efficient but take the time to make dungeons as fun as possible, so we have a dedicated skiller on every floor. We work as a team and share! We try to keep a balance between wasting our team-mates' time and being forgiving, because none of us are perfect. Our floors average 25 minutes and include a dedicated skiller who creates armour, food, potions and other supplies for the entire team. Deaths are uncommon, so if you enjoy suiciding or doing fast floors then we might not be the place for you. Our Motto: 'You are supposed to bank everything before entering a dungeon, that includes banking any differences you have with other team-mates. Let's work together and get 120 dg.' (Dan TheMan, 120 DG'er) Requirements: - 70 Dungeoneering - An attitude which reflects our groups values: laid back; efficient but fun; respect for others; sharing; pulling your own weight in a dungeon. - In addition, we have some suggested requirements for filling the skiller role which can be found on our RSOF thread. Guests: You are welcome to guest our friends chat for as long as you want, however there are some restriction; guests can only join larges floors and form rushes/item hunts. Forming large floors (we don’t do medium) is restricted to smiley rank or higher. How to become ranked: It’s recommended to do a few floors first to see if you like our style and being familiar with how we do things. We have an application form on our RSOF for those interested in being able form floors themselves. Once you’ve applied you will need to do an intro floor with a member from the admin staff within 1 week. After you have been smiley’d you have 4 weeks to get 3 recommendation for a permanent rank (at least 1 from admin staff is needed). Pop in to our friends chat “relaxed dung” if you want to floor or if you have any questions! QFC: 148-149-922-63982137 We hope to see you around and happy dungeoneering!
  3. Hi. I would just like to say thanks to all the work you're putting into this. Cheers!
  4. Di Canio swinging the axe:
  5. Wonder how much money i'd made on betting 100€ for 7-0 total lol...
  6. Happy birthday! :D

  7. Hahaha... Di Matteo sacked. Jesus christ, they are gonna run out of managers to employ if they keep up this rate.
  8. Haha, missed the whole Euros thread here... Damn. Anyways, silly season going on and i guess the hottest topic atm is Thiago Silva/Zlatan to PSG. It shall be intresting to find out how the financial fair play rules will end up... So many teams out there that i would say are out of the Europa/Champions league if you were to follow what the rules say. And Van Persie.. Who knows where that'll end up. My football abstinence is put down by viewing fussball from south america. Got the channel that shows the Brasilian Serie A, so that's nice. Some games are a bit shit tho, to be honest.
  9. 0 points here. Thought i might have accumelated a point over the years, tho i guess i've never trolled or made too crazy replies, just strong views i guess. I shall get more active!
  10. Not cheap being a Marseille fan: http://boutique.om.net/fr_nv_fiche__Maillot-OM-Third-2012-2013-642171.html 150, god damn. Had a look at what Everton's home kit costs at the moment, 25£. Altho it's 11/12.
  11. Montpellier won Ligue 1, 13th largest budget in the league. Altho i fear PSG will dominate Ligue 1 during the next few years, so it was nice that they didn't win. CL final was quite ok. I 'supported' Bayern, i don't see a reason to support another British team (well, a team with like 3 brits in it) and also, i'm soft for Germany and German football. Bayern really need to work on corners, free-kicks etc, their statistics in that is horrendous. Not at all surprised that Chelsea won tho. They can still do this one-off match. But most of all, happy that it wasn't an El Classico final. Because those two teams, there's no other way in putting it, they will dominate Europe so much for the foreseeable future. Because of their crazy tv income and other perks. I'll keep on rolling, supporting two teams with crap economy, Hammarby and Everton, which are actually similar in many ways hehe. I don't expect much activity by Everton in the summer, maybe if they find a pound under a rug somewhere, some player might join, but i'd have no idea who he'd be. Very thankful for Jelavic tho. Oh and, even tho my hobby team in Serie A is Lazio, i'll admit it's nice to see Juventus back in the champions league.
  12. Hah, some sort of justice with Arsenal 3 - 3 Norwich. Canaries should have had a penalty in the first half, and perhaps another one too. The shirt-pull was the most obvious one. And also with Van Persie in the closing minutes, altho it was offside as the replay showed. Wolves tomorrow, should be 3 points. And a nice finish to the season with hopefully ending above Pool in the table =) Also wow, i haven't really been on this forum much since winter lol.
  13. Ugh, the guy is younger than me. Was really horrible to watch.
  14. Paranoid: Low Schizoid: High Schizotypal: High Antisocial: Low Borderline: Moderate Histrionic: Moderate Narcissistic: High Avoidant: Moderate Dependent: Low Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate I am somewhat surprised lol. Especially the narcissistic one.
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