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  1. un4given


    I guess you could say the cake is a lie.
  2. Jagex, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6rcB8OE_w4
  3. more quests. Now my chore list is longer. Happy new years jagex :thumbup:
  4. Have to leave for 3 months so buying a membership for 2 days of play isn't worth it. Agreed with what you said, but f2p is such a drag. Don't mean to offend those still stuck in the hamster cage, especially in their thread.
  5. Meh i've done everything there is to do in f2p and it all sucks. Garbage money, garbage experience and garbage resources. Against the spirit of the game? like anyone cares about the spirit of the game anymore.
  6. AMG b00 h00 WAAAAAAAAAAAA we git no moar z3r0s. i st0p playin runesape naow Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :cry: srsly who cares if they remove zeros, or if they add healsplats... I think this is going to be a good update, I like all the aspects of it especially the color change depending on who is damaging the monster. +1 jagex :thumbup: dear lord i [bleep]ing hate people who start their post off with sarcasm... more [bleep]ing annoying than grammar nazis
  7. 26k trick still any good? i'm bored and looking to try it out.
  8. I should backtrace this post and neuter you. Looking for top gp/hour, nothing less.
  9. 1. 50/50 gop 2. FoG 3. ? I've never played gop but I heard it's one of the best for f2p. FoG I can make around 180-200k an hour. Anything else that's decent? Don't mention flipping, I don't have the time for that. Collecting limpwurts, yeah right. Also don't have 85 mining and runite gp/hour is pretty hit and miss. edit: also thought about tricking, but don't know how effective that is on f2p (if still effective at all)
  10. Dude, learn to spell. It's not that hard. But I do like the chocatrice cape. It would match well with yellow d hide if they ever decided to make that, maybe it would have an 80 range requirement. yellow dragun hide dudde r u srs?? wut next? purple draguns?
  11. wont let me ware dat der chocatrees cape in fast of guthex. yes mad cuz dat my fav cape to ware.
  12. sw0rd95 is a man on a mission brah, a man on a mission..
  13. I went ahead and got the sight. Maybe my ranged level is too low but it's not all that it's hyped to be, even with eagle eye. The only real benefit is it's ability to reach out and catch those pesky runners who think they can run around without you catching them. That takes the cake compared to the shortbow but otherwise I just switch to melee up close and melee/magic for those prayer switchers.
  14. Worth it or should I just stick with shortbow? I dont have any bankspace open so I'd have to keep it on my person. This isn't really a problem though because i'll be off to bootcamp in 6 days so i'll just be FOGing this whole time but just don't want to have an extra item in invy if the sight isn't as hyped up as they make it. I'm 88 range btw. 99 att and str also so killing them isn't really an issue, just when they run it gets annoying.
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