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  1. Hello,most of the people on the forums now know that jagex has released a new beast for us to toy with! This is with no doubt the toughest boss runescape has ever known and we need your help! Everyone in this thread should post interesting information about the beast like drops, weakness and all that kind of stuff. So discuss :) ( pictures would be nice to ) Drops 13 Charms of any kind Regen Bracelet 175 Onyx Bolts 2000 Cannonballs 250 Law Runes Mystic Staves 125 Addy ores 35 Addy bars Blue Mystic top All gems, most likely also Dragonstone and Onyx 2500 Pure Essence 150 Mahogany Planks 300 Death Runes Half of a Key
  2. But those 2m were in items which I couldn't sell back then, like a pharoahs sceptre which I sold for 1m with summoning scrolls :thumbsup: and more stuff
  3. Hello, my name is 313smaus313 and I just came back to runescape last week after quitting for 3 months. I don't post very often on tip.it but I always browse here when I play rs ;) When I quit I gave everything away, with everything I mean 140m-150m :|, with only 2M left I had to start over. Here are all my achievements of my first week back to rs :D The first day started of with some d boots, which I've gotten over 200 before I quit. Sorry, don't have a pic of this :( were 3 of them though. After that I had a bit of starters cash so I decided to go to abby demons with the whip my mate lended me. In the middle of the trip I get this, not much, nice 60k highalched 8-) Later in the trip I had to go, I told myself to kill 5 more, guess what I got on the 5th kill :thumbsup: The next day I went on a solo DK hybrid trip in noob gear, with the iron titan with me I did quite well even in sad gear , at the last kill I even got this little present. Oh well, the next few day's different mates lend me godswords, thank ya all for that , did quite some duo bandos trips with no luck, after that a mate asked me to come sara, I thought, why not go. In the middle of the trip we get this beauty, finally after 700 kills with only shards and 1 saradomin sword. So right then I had about 20m+ total value :thumbsup: but then the next day I died duo bandos and lost about 2m :( oh well. Tried solo sara, because all my friends recommended it to me, and because I'm such a leet gwd soloer I thought why not, it failed epicly XD Luckily I got Dragon Boots kcing :) Then the 7th day of my return I finally got all skills 60+ XD I'm close to 70 but I had rcing and mining. Oh well, that was my nice week :), this is the ending result. Rate/Hate/Bait, do the dirty stuff in your own time ;) PS. The Saradomin Hilt is also the only hilt that I didn't get :) Here are my other hilt drops. Solo Bandos hilt with like 12hp left :D Solo Armadyl Hilt after like 80 solo kills the day before coinshare came out. Zamorak Hilt the day coinshare came out, went zammy as a joke with mate, never expected this.
  4. Congratulations, you have been awared for the biggest idiot ever award! tell me sire, how do you feel? :?: :|
  5. dude, I killed over 800 armas with only 1 helm, so don't be mad #-o very nice job on the solo hilt man, i loved his log to 8-)
  6. 3 January 2008 - Summoning Wallpaper #3 January was named after the the Roman god Janus, who certainly knew that two heads are better than one - and so do we! Head over to the Downloads and Wallpapers section to see why, in our latest Summoning concept art wallpaper. This is the last of the Summoning concept art wallpapers we will be releasing, as the skill is just around the corner! We hope you're excited, because we certainly are. Rawr! the wallpaper Looks cool 8-)
  7. Nice vid, I haven't seen the bigfoot but these could be it :o
  8. Grats man you really deserved it :) Sorry I wasn't on but I had a really bad hangover #-o
  9. Man can't believe it I asked my friend to go bandos he didn't want to so I went solo. First kill was coins and I only wasted 4 food so I wanted to do another, I survived with 22hp, when he died a minion hit me 6, I thought I would die lol. Then I saw hilt on ground :o I clicked on it and teled straight away :D no Pic on floor sorry, didn't see it straight away and I was nearly dead :ohnoes: BTW also Yesterday I broke my 900+ gwd boss dry with a duo bandos chest plate =) Few hours before this I got 98 str :) 1 more level till 99 Rate please 8-) P.S. I look quite often at tif, but not much of a poster O:)
  10. Seems like summoning is going to be released around the 8th :shock:
  11. Im uploading pics now ;) it seems cool Uploaded
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