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  1. 1. Does the currently ls/cs promote players trying to summon fruit bats then eat as many fruit as possible without attacking?? Obviously, theres no perfect ls system that support every situation. 2. If a tank is needed in the monster hunt, then we will use the current lootshare. 3. If the player does 75% damage and the unique loot is worth 1m, he will receive 750k and the other 25% player will receive 250k. If the loot is 1.25m, the 75% player will takes 1250k(0.75) = 937.5k and the 25% one will receive 1250k(0.25) = 312.5k. Thank you.
  2. Hi everyone, I am not sure if this has been suggested but I never seen any idea like this: I myself enjoy monster hunt with friends a lot. The Current Ls/Cs system is great but I somehow think of an alternate way to share. Introduction: 1. Damage Share 2. Damage Coin Share 3. F&Q ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Damage Share Under the current Ls/Cs system, players share their loots based on the lootshare point they earnt. The damage share does not rely on lootshare points but will still distribute loots in a fair way. Here is how the damage share system works: The chance of receiving loots in damage share is depended on damage that done by each individuals. Take an example, if a team of 5 players is hunting a boss that has 250 hp: Player A does 100 damage. Player B does 50 damage. Player C does 40 damage. Player D does 59 damage. Player E does 1 damage. Therefore, the chance of receiving loots of each player will be: Player A: 100/250 Player B: 50/250 Player C: 40/250 Player D: 59/250 Player E: 1/250 This way of share seems to be more comfortable (for me) because it encourage everyone to do their best in the monster hunt. For example, we often see players leeching in Corp or teams complains their mates welfaring. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Damage Coin Share The Damage Coin Share has the very same concept of the current cs system but just combine with the damage share: So we go back to the previous 5 team monster hunt example. Lets say now the boss drop something unique thats worth 250k ge price. Thus, each player will receive: Player A: 100k Player B: 50k Player C: 40k Player D: 59k Player E: 1k -------------------------------------------------------------- F&Q Q: Okay noob, we already have a damage share system, just get your team and go to non-ls world, dont it? A: The non-ls world's one is not really what I am sugguesting here. First, we do not know what is being drop in non-ls world. Second, the chance of getting drops for each player are either 100% vs 0%. Which is, whoever inflicts the most damage will 100% get the drops. In this damage share system, player who does 1 damage on 250 hp boss will still have a 1/250 chance of getting that drop. Third, you do not be able to share coins in non-ls world, dont it? Q: Omg noob, the current Ls/Cs share is fine enough, why would we need to change it to your damage share?? A: Sorry, I guess I do not mean to remove the current Ls/Cs share but just want to add the new DS into game. Would runescape be ruined if we have Ls/Cs/Ds(Dcs) at the same time? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Guys, I am sorry for the bad formatting because I do not really make thread in any forums. I am not a smart person so I would like to have more suggestion and criticism from you guys. Thank you.
  3. =D> Wild Animals and F2p players. I love your theory. Good Job!! But how to wild animals related to this topic??
  4. Cool, I guess you will just freaking quited P2P when a F2P boss monster came out, according to your marketing behavour. If I got a whatever game demo and it just no no content at all, then I think I wont be concerning paying the game nor even looking it. I am sure Monster Hunting has now be a big part in runescape and why not just give a demo version of Monster hunt to f2p??
  5. If theres really winners and losers in this incident... I guess now that you are the true loser. =D> I like mess massing so much. Probably the update this time will be even better than the old wildiness for me. ^^
  6. mage recently got some decent gears which give them like 4x defence bonus than the old set. melee.... powerful B shield gives them str, super rune gloves gives them like 10+ def on most stats. range has its powerful green dragon coif which has no difference then a normal coif except the +2 range attack bonus... I am a tank range and will always be happy when better range gears are in. And again, I am a P2P (So many little boys tell me: go to P2P to give your yell bow -.-)
  7. I know Runescape is turning down and thats why the 'never come back wildiness pking' is coming back now :lol: By the way, most the people on this forum love the game pretty much. Good Luck.
  8. Mr. Jsboutin2 is the first person who mention about the birthday present stuff. Somehow I wanna ask him how he come up a birthday idea thingy to compare with runescape. Maybe theres already ads since the beginning of runescape. However, Jagex did not force F2pers to watch their ads in the past. But now... the creation of rule15 somehow implies that F2pers have to watch ads in order to play their games.
  9. this is another possible reason which I never think of. Thank you for it.
  10. This topic really doesnt care if you like the Ads or not. It doesnt care if the Ads bother you any or not. Its not about rants nor talking about the content of the Ads. This topic is just for discuss whether the current free world is F2P or watchAds2play. Yes, you dont pay to watch an ad, but you are supposed to watch the ads in order for the ads to pay the game for you. Just think of a birthday present example here: On your birthday party, a guy came to give you a present for free. However, you have to watch his Ad in order to receive that 'free' present. He was claiming that if you dont watch his Ad, then hes not giving you the present. In this case, is that present really 'free'?? or not??
  11. This kind of people make wildiness supporters look evil -.- Something I wonder if they are just supporting the old wilderness or a spy from the people who dont want wilderness back -.-
  12. I dont know how I mess you up but just sorry for messing you up anyways. I was a P2P and been quited rs for few months. So the Ads are not really bothering me. Anyways, your questions are a bit rude to all F2pers and I dont even know why F2pers/P2pers make a matter on this topic -.- Huh... you say the game is still free for F2pers and you know Ads are the groups partly paying for the 'F2P' servers. So I guess you will agree that 'F2P' is not really free; Jagex just not charge F2pers money, but their time to watch the Ads.
  13. TeamBloody

    Why even play?

    I dont know how to define a 'ranter' but I rant some few time so I guess I can be a ranter. I rant because I see the game having something wrong. I browse this forum but I dont play rs anymore since the bad updates. For me, having discussion on rs issue is not much more fun than actually playing the game. 'Why even play??' Lol, I dont even play RS so its hard for me to tell.
  14. Maybe, at the surface level, the current free world is a F2P. However, its not really free at all. Even F2pers are not really paying Jagex to play the game, the sponsors are the ones paying for them. Back to the past, when theres no Ads at all, I would say free world was a real free game. Before the rule 15 came out, things are just fine and it was still a real free game. But here, please look at the quotes in details, why aint those companies just pay for their Ads?? Instead, they have to pay for the game for F2pers?? Yes... Jagex doesnt charge F2pers but they charge the Ads company for the f2p game. I try not to tell why Jagex is making the Ads companies to pay for F2pers because the reason is just too simple. Anyways... F2p and watchAds2play look similar but they are not the same at all.
  15. Sorry everyone.... this topic is not a rant about Ads nor discussing how the Ads affecting players. No rantings on this topic please. It is a topic to discuss whether Free to Play now is still Free to play or watch ads to play. Please tell if you think Free World Runescape is Free2Play or watchAds2Play -.-
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