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  1. Why do you have an armadyl helm on? Seems odd considering the whole zammy stuff
  2. I just did a floor, and my celestial robe top was tank armour. I don't think they really took any special precautions with dg. I think nearly everything is a standard tank armour
  3. Goddamnit Jagex :( Apparently the accuracy of EVERYTHING has been drastically reduced, so this is actually a problem now. I hope stuff wasn't affected as much, but ugh....
  4. I'd really love to see some data on how many new players enter the game, and what percentage of those players stay for longer than a month, 3 months, a year, etc... As far as I can tell, this game would be overwhelming as all hell just getting into it. There's so much stuff to do, and really no "order" to do it in. It's not like "OH hey kill these guys, move on to the next area, kill these guys, do some quests", nope, it's like "Oh here's a world map you've never seen in your life, now go figure it out". The sense of adventure must be nice though, having to figure where the hell anything is, I guess we take it for granted that we know Gielnor like the back of our hands. Most efficient way to get from A---->B? Yeah done. I do like the incentives for new players via a small 10% XP boost up to level 30 thanks to the referral program, makes levelling to better levels just a bit easier. And psychologically speaking, the game MUST be easier at lower levels to get all those awesome easy level ups to have em coming back for more. As for combat/armour, tough shit. At least for p2p, most members are generally higher skill/combat leveled. I don't think this is as much of a legitimate complaint though, getting materials to make your own steel crossbow or whatever encourages you to think, interact with players, and makes you feel like you're helping your character out.
  5. Does this mean that void armour lost its boost?
  6. Just wondering, I quite enjoy taking out ice strykes. It's pretty satisfying to get all those high hits and just watch em sink into oblivion.
  7. I'm not sure about WFS, but I was able to reach 250k melee xp/hr with around 60 blues at Mutated Jad Males without Ovls/Turmoil/Drygores/Chaotics. So it is definitely possible to get those rates if you have top tier gear
  8. Yes, because picking up charms was a genuine challenge and not just an inconvenience that we're better off without. Idk Alg, I had a BLAST taking 5 seconds out of every waterfiend kill to go pick up my crimsons /sarcasm.
  9. I bought a few of the elemental scrimshaws, its supposed to 6.66% mage damage, and it does - checked on crits. Skull of Vecna also significantly increased crit damage Magic Might (10% mage prayer) also increased crit damage. All 3 of these in unison decimated K'ril.
  10. !!!!! This is HUGE - " Quercus will now tell players when the next Warband will be spawned. Just realized that this is probably the best update from this, can't wait.
  11. Underwhelming update, really. Oh well, I'll check out what it looks like after I'm done this gwd trip. I love how in the BTS they're all "There will be less queuing and less waiting trying to get into the arena" - As if the duel arena (post EOC) has ever been busy enough to warrant something like this. Was looking forward to instanced GWD, hopefully next week.
  12. Duel Arena (free players and members) The Duel Arena has been given a great big graphical polish, bringing it up to the standard of the Al Kharid rework that came with the Stolen Hearts and Diamond in the Rough quests last year. Go head-to-head against your chosen foe amid flowing banners, rough-hewn masonry and sand-blasted ruins; there's no more fitting place in RuneScape to prove your worth in one-on-one PvP combat. We've made some structural and technical tweaks, too: there are new, dedicated arenas for boxing matches and summoning-enabled duels, and - while there are fewer visible combat arenas - starting a duel when they're full up will automatically generate an instance for you, so you'll always have a place to fight. If you've not ventured out to the Duel Arena before, there's never been a better time to do so. In the arena, you can get a taste of PvP combat with no chance of losing your hard-earned gear. You set the conditions of the fights: you can duel for a mutually agreed stake of items or gold coins, or just enjoy a friendly scrap for fun and bragging rights. You can set other conditions too: fancy a muscular brawl just with melee weapons? No problem. Think crossbows at dawn are the only civilized way to settle a dispute? That can be arranged. You can even claim a duellist's cap from the mightily moustachioed Estocada, which can be upgraded as you rack up wins for improved looks, an emote, and the ability to transform into a statue commemorating your victories. The gauntlet's been thrown down. Go forth and duel! Mod Wilson How to access the Duel Arena: The Duel Arena can be found just a short way north east of Al Kharid. Within its bounds, you will see an axe icon in the top right of the screen. When this is visible, you can right click other players and click 'Challenge' to invite them to a duel. Requirements: None. Behind the Scenes Video Take a tour of the improved Duel Arena in our latest Behind the Scenes video. There's information about the benefits that the HTML5 Graphics Engine will bring to RuneScape 3, too: In Other News Want to mix up the music for your travels around Gielinor? Now you can, with the new music shuffle button. Find it in the options interface. New elemental outfits and emotes - based around earth, fire, wind and water - are now available in Solomon's General Store! Don't forget that there's an easier-to-win super rare item on the Squeal of Fortune, each day until Thursday. Once they've had their time in the sun they'll no longer be up for grabs, so be sure to spin every day! See here for details. From Friday, look out for some all-new super rares on the Squeal of Fortune. More details to come soon. The patch notes archive can be seen here. Patch Notes: 16th April 2013 Graphical: A stretching issue with round snelms has been fixed. The ancient cloak no longer has an issue with the symbol clipping. The white unicorn mask will no longer stretch for male characters when performing emotes. Pazuzu now wears the up-to-date version of Ahrim’s armour during Temple Trekking / Burgh de Rott Ramble. The runite geraldic shield no longer stretches when taking a carpet ride. The trickster robe has been adjusted so that it no longer hides necklaces and amulets. An animation with the Ga'al-Xox where the player passes some rings to him has been fixed. Longbow Ben and Haig Halen no longer have sections of their faces missing. The NPC's in Varrock Museum no longer wear outdated armour and weapons. Black armour, infinity robes and white armour cases inside the Varrock Museum no longer use outdated versions of the armour. The initiate helm no longer stretches on female characters. The trees around Kimberly's home during Kennith's Concerns now have canopies. A graphical issue with Evil Dave's head has been fixed. An old reed model in Mort'ton has been fixed. Weapon overrides no longer render over the burning log you hold above your head during the Firemaker's Curse quest. A stretching issue with Varrock armour 4 has been fixed. An issue with drops not appearing if a Vyrewatch was killed close to a rock formation has been fixed. The way hair works with the classic blue wizard hat and it's trimmed counterparts has been changed. Mama now has a consistent skin colour. Female camp dwellers no longer stretch during combat animations. A particle effect to the jousting lance (rapier) cosmetic override has been added. A stretching issue with the shadow knight torso cosmetic override on male characters has been fixed. The full mutton beard cosmetic override now shows the moustache section. The full moustache cosmetic override now shows correctly. Quests, Challenges & Achievements: An issue in the Fremennik Isles quest where a player may not receive the jester outfit has been fixed. The Smoking Kills quest now recognizes the correct combat level. Stopped Deadliest Catch dialogue triggering in the Tree Gnome Village post-quest content. The player can now only receive messages from TzHaar-Mej-Jeh during the Brink of Extinction quest if they are carrying a communication orb. Players can once again complete the limber lumber jumper task. Skills & Minigames: Logging out and into a Castle Wars lobby no longer causes the teams to become unbalanced. Some wooden "walls" by the Castle Wars boundary have been removed. An issue that caused the floorkit of the Castle Wars observation area to be deleted has been fixed. A number of unnecessary force-walk tiles around the Castle Wars signpost have been removed. An issue that was causing Castle Wars flags to not be cleared at the end of a game has been fixed. An issue that was causing Castle Wars barricades to go invisible has been fixed. Some missing walls on the respawn level of the castles in Castle Wars have been added back in. An issue with explosive potions being dropped from the action bar when assigned to a different key has been fixed. Winning Castle Wars teams should now receive gold tickets regardless of the number of players on the opposing team. The minimum 5v5 requirement on the start of the game remains in place, however. The TokHaar-TokTz-Ket-Dill in the Fight Kiln is now weak to crush instead of water spells, to match the other TokTz-Ket-Dill. Lucky off-hand dragon claws can now be won on the Squeal of Fortune. An issue with the scrimshaw of cruelty’s poison effect persisting after the conclusion of certain PvP minigames has been fixed. The Crucible entrance has been adjusted to combat people world hopping and stocking up without having to pay a fee. The supreme weapons section of the Crucible tutorial now works correctly on free to play worlds. Quercus will now tell players when the next Warband will be spawned. Other: Certain defensive abilities no longer cause the player to re-attack their target. When choosing a customisation through the Player-Owned Ports ship customisation interface, you can no longer choose another slot before confirming your choice of customisation. If you select an already equipped customisation through the Player-Owned Ports ship customisation interface, the equip button will change to a close button. Using a bag of winds will now instantly update a voyage's estimated duration. The visitor upkeep requirements in a Clan Citadel has been removed (though 5 visitors per week are still required), and the visitor upgrade requirements have been lowered. Players can now tick off the profound armour requirement for the trimmed completionist cape using profound armour stored in their dragon keepsake box. Cows are no longer a lower level than their calves. Nomad no longer caps magic damage against him at 750. Lady Deathknell no longer uses the wrong audio voice over when explaining to take food from the table and the player tries to take armour instead. The factory outfit now correctly gives XP for making spirit weed potion (unf). The Squire outside the Camelot training room now correctly states that there are 4 Prayer rewards. Dragon fire arrows now have correct level requirements. The Elemental Balance game in a Player Owned House Games Room now works correctly. Kuradal now gives the correct advice when asking for tips on slaying Aviansie. The Music player interface now works correctly after leaving Fish Flingers. Eluned no longer overcharges the player when enchanting teleport crystals. The Wilderness Manual now informs players about changing from multi-combat to single way combat. Iron dragon melee attack damage has been tweaked if you have Protect from Melee prayer active. Making more than one pot of cornflour no longer gives one pot of cornflour and the rest normal flour. Players can no longer alch the noted version of blisterwood staff. Revenants now heal more health when eating food. A force walk tile in the Tree Gnome Stronghold has been removed. The rosethorn wand and broken heart objects no longer forces players in to Melee range to cast spells. "Default Name" no longer appears in the Customisation interface's pets tab twice. A minor issue with the Avatar Customisation Wardrobe scroll bar has been fixed. When obsidian armour is fully repaired using obsidian shards, the (deg) object is now replaced with the original pristine object, so it will stack in the bank. The warlord and archon outfits can now be stored in the dragon keepsake box. Scrimshaws now deactivate themselves correctly if you die with one equipped and active. An issue that prevented the song 'Forgotten Orders' to be unlocked for some people has been fixed. The Hexhunter bow has been buffed to make it as good as the tier 11 Dungeoneering bows.
  13. Also, warbands give a significant amount of xp/hr of actually doing them.
  14. Well, they could just release an off-hand whip and make a 2h whip a lot less useful. But then again if they did that there would really be no use for chaotic longswords since Vine whip + off-hand vine whip would be equal. Right now vine whip + EE is already better dps than CLS (unless they've changed it).
  15. Hey guys! I just wanna get some gp to train my skills, so I figured I'd go kill some baddies and loot their dead corpses. Anyway, stats are as follows: 99 Def 99 Constitution 92 Str 90 Attack 99 Magic 99 Range 70 Pray No access to ovl's yet. 95 Slayer - Can do Ganos *I can get 85 dg for frosts if they're really worth it I was thinking of killing ganos for money as I hear its good, but i'm not sure what the gp/hr is now. Could always go bossing as well, I figure zammy at gwd with a partner wouldn't be too hard. Thoughts guys?
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