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  1. DUH DUH DUH. This brings back memories! Expect to see me online mooching about again. :D
  2. Hey Jesus, long time no speak! Looks like you are still playing away. All the best!
  3. Hi Michael. Long time no speak mate. How's it going?

  4. Hi Drum. Don't know if you remember me. Recognise many names on here still. RS has changed lots i can see!
  5. Blimey it's been a while. I used to play a few years ago and was a Tip It regular! Been playing since 2004 on various accounts but the one I was known for was Smither Sid. Hi all.
  6. Nice one getting those levels wout. We haven't really spoken in a long time, catch you later :)
  7. Yeah it's on a few sites i belive :)
  8. Well done with all you have done so far leiky! :) Keep it up hun
  9. Yeah i had a look at the tutorial and kinda memorised it. It allows me to not stick to the tut and experiment a bit. This try was just a test :D Thanks :)
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