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  1. Congrats, definitely one of the nicer capes to have!
  2. Holy crap man, you have not been sitting still the past few years, I remember you wearing addy armour :blink: How's life been treating you?
  3. If you'd rather have a tip.it only chat then your best bet would be to visit either Hyt (chat name: sc) or Blogscape chat/fsc (Chat name: Codguy). I'm mostly active in BSC :)
  4. Hey there Rob, My name's Wouter, 23, and currently living in Thailand for a period of 4 months. Sorry I can't hang with you, I am on an OS world. Feel free to drop in a pm sometime though!
  5. Welcome back :thumbsup: If it's all just a tad too overwhelming feel free to join some of us on '07-scape ;)
  6. So maybe all we need is a plan? When comparing to Reddit, as many have stated, Tip.it is much more a forum to have a personal discussion. In this, it caters to its own audience, one that exists (as we are all proof of) and is looking for a place to meet like-minded people. Now I've only just started playing again, but I have been using this site for as long as I care to remember. Nevertheless, I have no idea what the guys and gals running this place are doing to attract new members and, more importantly, where we can chip in. Having a clear niche that we cater to and advertising a corresponding vision that attracts that group of players can be a good place to start. (Please note that I have no idea of what is already being done, so please fill me in if it turns out I am simply ignorant on this subject) <3
  7. Thanks for sharing Aleine! However, this is just basic farming which is explained in many guides already. Also, I think the title is a little misleading.
  8. Hey Tiffers, Although I hardly expect anyone roaming these boards to remember me, my old username was Wouter828 and IĀ“ve been RunescapinĀ“ since around 2004. Over the years, I have gone from an every-day player to a casual skiller desperately trying to find the motivation to finish off those final 99s and get that cape. The past few months I have managed to overcome the boredom and tackle one of the most difficult skills left in the game whilst also gaining levels in other skills, a difficult thing for anyone in the 2400-total range. Anyway, without further ado, I present my 21st 99 (and incidentally also 2450 total): Agility. A huge thank you to Emmace and Flodder450 for taking the time to enjoy this moment with me, made it that much better <3: Now on to finishing Mining, Thieving, Runecrafting and Hunter, and maybe even Dungeoneering. Cheerio
  9. Happy birthday! :D

  10. In the tips, tricks & notes section: Head over to the Monkey Colony, and click on the fissure on the cliffside to climb itno it.
  11. If this were the case wouldn't that mean that so many instances could exist that the overcrowding I hear of would be a myth?
  12. You're back? I just got back a week ago! Drop me a pm I'm in America now! <3 Wouter
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