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  1. Congratulations on the level! a long term goal for me, still in the 80s in a lot of skills lol.
  2. try reddit or twitter. my brother had the same issue. Tokk 3-4 months of constant chasing before a mod looked in to the account and unbanned it.
  3. i remember lightning. will try SC later and see if anyone's there
  4. Its been a while :) After a long long time burying bones as f2p, then the ectofuncus and finally the Altar Found an old Pic: Defence and Slayer are next I guess :) both 97
  5. And restarting my blog :) after a long long break. Treasure Trail:
  6. Hmm. makes sense. will not focus on summoning for the time being. Herb grind it is then. Hmm. will look up the prices. at work now so shouldn't log in :) Arma and Zammy godswords are the lucky ones. so is the armadyl c'bow so can't do much with them. will look at the drygore prices and maybe switch to maces if it makes financial sense. won't be able to afford the nox staff after the herb grind so i guess it'll be a long term goal to acquire one.
  7. Have bones for 95 prayer banked, that is on the agenda. :) Have both the rapiers. Are they any good or should i consider longswords? 95 prayer should be done by this weekend. Can't afford Herby. :( ...maybe 85 yes, but beyond that i'll end up broke. Will summoning help? How good is the unicorn? maybe if i pair it with 95 prayer?
  8. So far have done either duo or trio trips to GWD and DKs. Don't have high enough herby for the good pots and don't want to grind it either. Tried QBD but couldn't get a kill so was wondering if I should not think about solo'ing at this point and get some levels. Skills: Combat Items: Have soul split. The cash pile is from GWD Splits, Slayer and Treasure Trail rewards.
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