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  1. Congratulations on the level! a long term goal for me, still in the 80s in a lot of skills lol.
  2. try reddit or twitter. my brother had the same issue. Tokk 3-4 months of constant chasing before a mod looked in to the account and unbanned it.
  3. i remember lightning. will try SC later and see if anyone's there
  4. Its been a while :) After a long long time burying bones as f2p, then the ectofuncus and finally the Altar Found an old Pic: Defence and Slayer are next I guess :) both 97
  5. And restarting my blog :) after a long long break. Treasure Trail:
  6. Hmm. makes sense. will not focus on summoning for the time being. Herb grind it is then. Hmm. will look up the prices. at work now so shouldn't log in :) Arma and Zammy godswords are the lucky ones. so is the armadyl c'bow so can't do much with them. will look at the drygore prices and maybe switch to maces if it makes financial sense. won't be able to afford the nox staff after the herb grind so i guess it'll be a long term goal to acquire one.
  7. Have bones for 95 prayer banked, that is on the agenda. :) Have both the rapiers. Are they any good or should i consider longswords? 95 prayer should be done by this weekend. Can't afford Herby. :( ...maybe 85 yes, but beyond that i'll end up broke. Will summoning help? How good is the unicorn? maybe if i pair it with 95 prayer?
  8. So far have done either duo or trio trips to GWD and DKs. Don't have high enough herby for the good pots and don't want to grind it either. Tried QBD but couldn't get a kill so was wondering if I should not think about solo'ing at this point and get some levels. Skills: Combat Items: Have soul split. The cash pile is from GWD Splits, Slayer and Treasure Trail rewards.
  9. I'd say get the combat stats to at least 75. You should then be able to spend time at barrows. With your current stats you'll consume a lot of food/resources and might not get enough successful kills which can be frustating. Or get all meele to 70 and come bandos with my team :)
  10. Thanks guys! I guess i'll go for 99 Slayer next. 92 already so half way there :)
  11. Thanks! :) Feeling kinda lost again as this has been my focus the last couple of years. Work, wife and time doesn't allow me to play much :wacko:. Have around 200 Mill Cash lying around so will maybe max a couple of cheap buyable 99s :wub:
  12. Finally reached 99 hp :) never thought i'd play this far, or that this skill will be my 2nd 99, ~5 years after the first. Not an active player so there aren't many high level'd skills but nonetheless. Admiring the cape now. All the bonus xps, lamps, quests, rewards etc went to hp. 190,957th to 99 Constitution
  13. 1. Figure out how the new combat works 2. Start slaying like crazy you'll get good money and combat exp and should get you on track as you'll be going all over the place to reach to assignments. Use the best armour n weapon you can buy. What does the bank look like?
  14. Hey guys, Theres this "pure" account i made a while back that i used to log in to for fun and pvp'ing. Haven't been active much the last 3-4 years and realised a lot has changed. It seems that this char. needs 40 def for green d'hide chaps and vambs :/ so not really sure what to do with it anymore. Didn't want to train def. Do i need to train defence or can i continue pvp'ing with this? Considering the armour and life bonuses changes. Bank: Didn't xfer anything on this acct from my main so whatever is in the bank was earned from ranging. not much but proud of it ha ha.
  15. I'd honestly say increase your combat stats via slayer, so when you have the skills for bosses, you'd have some money accumulated over. I have 200 Mill cash just from 90 Slayer.
  16. Start training combat with slayer and pick all the drops. They add up to a lot. The thing is you'll have to train your skills to a higher level and make money off the process. Get 60 Mining and bank all the ores. Preferably Iron. Sell them once you reach your goal Maybe do yews from 60-65 WC and sell the logs. I see some really low stats. You could do quests and train them in general to take breaks from the above grind. Hope that helps. Cheers!
  17. Hmm, I've set a goal of gwd, 1k Bandos, 1k Arma and 1k Zammy bosses each. :) I know it sounds crazy, ha ha but I am good at this, its like a one year goal or something :)
  18. Unfortunately I couldn't use the Enlightenment aura. I used it to to raise construction to 71 for Gilded altar (using boosts from thereon). I have around 80M cash left though. Don't feel like grinding anymore, will make the cash for Herby next now :) All through PvM, it'll be a good challenge and should keep me occupied for another 6 months lol. Thanks again for the help. Cheers!
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