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  1. First off, I would like to know a good melee set-up for Bandos excluding Nex gear (can't afford yet). Also prayer/ability tips for him would be great! I do not have curses atm but 92 Pray is next on the list granted I get some Bandos drops. Would just like to know what to pray protect from really. Second on, what Chaotic should I get next? Have a Maul, both Rapiers and Ccb's. Are the new Claws worth getting or would a shield benefit me more? Is there a Chaotic shield great for Bandos? Last question is what shield to use for Kalphite King if you even use a shield that is? Thanks!
  2. Thanks. One more question instead of making a new thread. Lately I've when I try to load the game it just says a black screen, refreshing doesn't work and I have to exit the browser and try mutlitple times. Any thoughts? Both browser and Java are up to date.
  3. How exactly do you leave your cannon at Frosts while banking without it disappearing? I keep watching a person do it but they won't say a word to me of course. Check this in the AM thanks!
  4. keep, they drop lots of natures, you need a mirror shield and melee armour, if you have guth then no food is needed but if not then bring a few sharks. Great for xp too, i always keep. :thumbup:
  5. I am on a new mission to get 54 rune crafting so I can make laws, need to know the fastest way to get my xp up, cost isnt an issue. btw im lvl 44 rc.
  6. I decided I'm going to just craft myself, I only have to make 20 more trips of air crafting to get to 44. But a list of monsters that drop them frequently would still be very much appreciated.
  7. Yeah I guess I could get my rc lvl up by 2 and do it that way, and yes basilisks have treated me nicely, I just wanted to know if there was any monster that drops them like harpies drop fires, a lot.
  8. I'm going to work on my fletching so to reduce the price I'd love to know the best way to get nature runes, what monster drops the most or is it better to steal them? pretty much I just want to know what beast drops them A LOT. Thank You! :D
  9. Alright thats too bad.. And I may have worded it wrong but you could've still answered lol, so how many points do you get after the "5th" task? ;)
  10. So I know you need leaf-bladed spear and other such weapons to kill them, but can you still damage them beforehand? To put it simple could I demolish it with my whip and then use the spear to kill it? Or strictly the slayer equipment? Another question to add, I just finished smoking kills quest and how many slayer points does doing the 4 tasks in a row actually get you?
  11. How do I obtain a Canopic Jar once I've lost it so I can finish quest?
  12. Ill ask this as simple as I can, say I get assigned a slayer task like Jellies from a lower lvl slayer master, do I still get as much slayer xp as I would if I were to get the same task from a higher slayer master?
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