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  1. Sig worthy. Anyways I have another one for the list. (this has not happened to me just kind of funny to see the replies) You're [bleep] without a care in the world and all of a sudden mommy comes in and you minimize the browser only to have a picture of a guy from something else you were looking at and mommy sees that, whatcha do? (inb4 lol dat happnd 2 u) i would never [bleep] with my mom home and if i am [bleep] im to quick for that
  2. I once had this dream that the lights all over the world went out and everyone and anyone was shooting at me trying to kill me. then i try to escape on a subway when each section starts to explode but it's so dark i don't know where to run. then i see the fire surrounding me and i am seriously freaking out because people are putting my body full of bullets then i jump out of the window and then im not in subway any more im falling into the ocean, but i don't wake up and i fall into the hands of michael jackson. i literally woke up screaming
  3. which party do you back regardless or their nominees and why?
  4. what is your view on drugs and how they affect the society we live in
  5. with the election buzz here in the U.S.A i want to here your reasons why you would vote for either of the presidential candidates. you can also say why you would not vote for them I won't vote for Obama, Why? because he's BLACK!!!!! [hide=]the obama thing was dripping of sarcasm[/hide]
  6. *rolls eyes* :roll: :roll: humans are supposed to reproduce to carry on the cycle of life.everyone does not have to reproduce butsomeone has too.
  7. imagine the teasing the kid would get at school. hahhaha you have two dad's do all of you sleep in the same bed?
  8. ok their has been alot of debate on both sides. you know the usual and stuff but alot of people have been arguing that global warming is not true,and im starting to believe it so can you guys persuade me either way so i can know whether to reduce my carbon footprint or not
  9. i never said must i mean supposed to.your supposed to reproduce but not rape a girl making her pregenant,your suppose to believe in god but not torture someone until they believe in him too
  10. epic and i think that kills the thread.gratz on being a hero zierro,pleasing both parties
  11. well you can't because you are corrupting their minds which i am sure nursing mothers are also doing."daddy this baby was sucking a woman's chest....." imagine the rest of the conversation
  12. back on topic people could learn to tolerate it not accept it
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