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  1. I can't believe people still post in this, I made this thread a long time ago and I don't even come to these forums that much anymore.
  2. Throw his [wagon] off the cliff and see how he likes it. I guarantee he won't do it again.
  3. The ones in GTA suck, cuz they're mean to me :x But I know some people that are cops. Dunno much about it though.
  4. It's not hard to shoot a gun. Pull the trigger. Assuming it's loaded. And he could just look up on the internet how to use it as long as he knows what model it was.
  5. Yes, it's not like weed kills brain cells or anything... /sarcasm
  6. It sounds like English, they just don't understand it.
  7. 1. amputate limbs w/ plastic spoon 2. proceed to eat them 3. sell his soul to satan 4. buy xbox 360 5. pwn nubs in halo 3
  8. urinate on his game console or in his mailbox or on him
  9. we end it like WWII, then we nuke Japan. Or Someone where fighting :twisted:
  10. then wed be extinct soon watch out for banjos too they will take over the world
  11. It's also really hard to believe that an electron takes an infinite number of paths before arriving at it's destination, or that it's actually possible for us to walk straight through a brick wall. Physics is just weird that way. You can't always rely on what you see in your everyday life to tell you all the answers :P . i completely agree with the electron crap :D
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