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  1. This may be the wrong thread, but oh well... On Christmas eve Santa will be traveling between worlds starting at around 4pm in world 90 and delivering presents to all the good boys and girls of Runescape. The items being given away add up to around 1.2million gp total, and each person should receive around 5k-10k worth of items. This is an F2P only event (considering I'm not a member). How to find Santa: -He'll look like santa! Duh! (minus hat because no one will lend to me for the day as I don't own one. *tear*) -He'll be spreading Christmas joty of course! -He'll leave a trail of snowmen as he goes -He'll only be visiting Varrock, Lumbridge, Fallidor, and Draynor and only give presents to people who are in buildings So good luck finding Santa tommorow and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  2. "Recently I found out about the new trading and dropping and wildy updates. It made me think... Back when I started playing, I began to go off and kill someone and always wanted to do just that. I remember how I would work my #&% off to make some cash and by doing so, it made me feel good, it made me feel better than others. I felt accomplished. Now, it is so incrediably easy to make moeny with the excahnge, it is no longer an accomplishment. Now pking doesn't appeal to me, nor my friends. It's not "ha! I kileld you" it's "crud, I killed oyu and now you're gonna come back and get your stuff". There's no point in the game anymore. Cash means little, and killing does nothing to a player. All this because of some Macros and because Jagex doesn't want to let them make money. Say what you wish, I get macros are bad, but their always going to be around. There's nothing Jagex can do to stop them. People will always cheat, and make real money off the game, but ruining the game for those who follow you is not the way to fix the issue. Jagex has issues possibly hundreds of thousands of bans, and should continue to do so. I rememebr when I played about 6 months ago, macros were everywhere. Then just 3 weeks ago, I signed on to find where there was once 100, there were now 5. The banning was working on them, and I saw nobody making real world trades. Cracking down and ruining a game for players is a last resort option, and I feel that since plan A was already working, Plan E shouldn't be brought in. Now, I'm finding less and less interest very quickly with the game. So congrats Jagex, by attempting to keep other from making money, you're losing some yourself. I applaud you. And for all those people who will flame me, think about how Runescape USED to be. Even when there were macros, back then you could make a choice as to what you wished to do, and recieved an award, whether good or bad, for that choice. You want to cheat? You had a possibility of getting banned, but you could do it. You could give away millions in gold and items for Christmas, it was your earnings. Now, you cannot even say hello to someone with see countless *'s in the words. The event I had planned for christmas to give 20k to each noob, and 100 of them, is cancelled. The event to give over 4million gold wotth of items, out of the goodness of my heart to new players is off. And this is al because of Jagex. Again, and finally. I applaud you Jagex." -M D K 48117
  3. How about this.... (Blackmarks/2)*total black mark count= months you hold them This way if you have 4 lackmarks, theyll expire 2 months. The more you get, the longer it takes the blackmakrs to epire. But if they expire and before you had say 5, then it would take 20 months. This would balance it out a bit more. And also make it so you can never get less than about 10% or 20% of yout total black marks (all blackmarks you have ever gotten) so that even if you break a load of laws, it will take longer and longer and longer to get rid of them. So if you had 10 toal blacksmarks, you cant get less than 1 black mark, and if you had 20, you cant get less than 2 and so on and so forth. I for one haven't commited a single offense in 3 years, and still carry 8 blackmarks aquired from when I just started playing. I will admit though, some people may abuse it, but for the most part those equations would help a bunch.
  4. We need a new thing added to the site that keeps track of the price changes from day to day. It'ld help a bunch.
  5. Lovestock, one of the men to originally introduce the idea of global warming, has recently come out with a new statement. Before his beliefs were that we were on a tilting point but would have another 50-100 years to correct ourselves, now he thin,s otherwise. His newest comments have strucken fear amongst the scientist population as a whole, and because of so few believe him. His new theory, is that we have surpassed the tilting point and are now on a collision course which will hit in 2012. His belief is that by 2010, about 40-60% of the current population will have been whiped out as the sea level will rise over 20 feet, and heavy rains, bigger storms, and more droughts hit the human race. Of course, he also found tyhat in 2012 we will hit solar cycle 21, which will of course speed up the process of global warming drastically and predicts that 13 years from now, in 2020, the human race will be back into the middle ages. "This is the end of times, not the world, but the end of the world as we know it," he claims in an interview. He has also stated that nearly all attempts will be futile. Swithcing to hybrids will do nothing, cutting down on power plants will do nothing, using windmills will do nothing. His claim is that we should no longer prevent global warming, but get ready for it by enforcing northern towns which will be greated by millions of immigrants, especially in Europe as he says that nearly 60% of Europe will be truend into a new seharra desert. And that towns such as New York, New Orleans, and Las Vegas are already doomed to drought and increased water levels. His propsed reaction to at last slow the process is to use nuclear power, and immediatly shut down all other power plants immediatley. He also says we should stray from natural foods and use such foods as "Quarn", a bioengineered fungus that is edible. He also boasts at how computer models are wrong, due to the fact they are based off the creators opinions instead of the past actions of the world. His biggest fear next to global warming though, is simply the aftermath. As he says, the end of times will put us in a new stone age, all techs, knowledge, etc. will be lost. So, he fears of the warlords and anarchy that will happen afterwars and the wars and tribes that will come after the climax as Earth enters yet another Ice Age. Finally he stated, "This is not so much a wayt for mother nature to kill off a dominant species, bu to put it back in its place."
  6. I don't know what you're talking about...
  7. This is my survival guide for how to protect your account from scams, hacks, and any other bad things. Section 1 - Scamming Scamming is the biggest loss of money and runescape, and many many new scams appear everyday. Although I cannot mention all of them, I'll get as many as possible. RS3 Beta - This is fake. If you ever hear someone talk about it, or get an email about it, ignore it. Remember, Jagex will never E-Mail you since THEY DON'T KNOW IT. Glitch - This scam is when people say there is a glitch in which you can say, double any amount of money you want by standing somehwere and dropping your money. First things first, do not, under any circumstances drop your money in an area with other players unless you are doing a drop party. This is just a foolish way to lose money. Secondly, there are few RS glitches. Do not listen to anyone saying otherwise. The glitches that are in RS at the moment are small ones, that will not allow you to gain anything from them. Make You A Mod - This is a scam that's becoming more popular. Admitably, and shamefully, I admit I can be taken responsble for this comming about. I made it sometime in 2000. The scam is sending an email or using an account and convincing you to give the scammer your password, name, account name, and security questions. Basically, just don't give out your password or security questions EVER. Trade Scam - This has been removed, but people still fall for it. People will offer you say rune and then replace it with addy. It is possible that they may say "sorry, I clicked the wrong button" or something and convince you to accept. If that exclamation mark comes up, decline immediatley no matter what and report them. BF/GF Scam - I can't believe this ever became a scam, but oh well. So, the scam as many know is to become someone's GF/BF and then ask for stuff. I oppose the RS dating thing i nthe first place, but do not give stuff to them, no matter what it is if you cannot replace it easily. [i will add more scams as time goes on] Basically follow the below rules: -Never give out your password -Never reply to an Email -Automatically decline a trade if they change it without telling you beforehand -Always report if you suspect a scam -Ignore people saying you can become a mod by giving them info -There are no glitches, don't let someone make you think different Section 2 - Hacking Hacking accounts through the RS servers is impossible, so do not believe someone when they say they were hacked. Hackings are most often confused with scams, and therefore people result to saying it was a hack not thinking they are to blame. Basically, there are very few ways to actually "hack" someone's RS account. KeyLogger - The keylogger is the only true form of "hacking" although it has a flaw. The keylogger needs to be downloaded in order for it to take effect and for them to gain access to your account, and therefore this can also fall into the category of "scams". The best way to avoid keyloggers is having up-to-date security software and a firewall. Also never download attachments from an email from a person you don't know, and never download from them if they say its the beta or anything. The main thing is that if an email involves RS, close it, and trash it. If you trsut the person, the firs tthing to look out for is the file type. [Caution: Executable File] means "executable" or a program file. This is a keylogger format, so if you see this, don't download it. There are a bunch of different file formats though, so look over the below list, and if it's not one of them, delete it. -.mov -.wmv -.mp3 -.wma -.doc -.pp [i'll add other valid formats soon] Basically follow the below rules: -Don't download a file from someone you don't know -Don't open RS related email unless it's from a friend -Check the file formats Follow this guide and you won't ever get hacked. Hope you enjoyed reading and heed my warninings. [This will be updated with more info as I gather more info]
  8. I don't know, but America isn't unbeatable. U.S. isn't some country that can't be defeated, if you think that, your in the wrong reality. Lol, yes, right now? It's unbeatable There's a reason why America spends the most on military. They have control over the skies and the seas. When I said no country can invade because there's really no other country that can rival America's... Well, just look Imagine each of those capable of.. [/hide] Nice little toy ships you got there mister USA. Oh these? These are just my atomic bombs. Yes, because dropping atomic bombs on ships makes perfect sense. its effective, would kill most if not all people on board (those pilots arnt trained cheap) and would make the carrier unusable if not completly destroyed. Drop a large nuke on a convoy and you have a lot of dead personnel. Wrong. Ther russian Strategy is this.... They have a nuclear sub, they launch a nuclear warhead, small one, about 5-10 miles above the american ships. The EMP from the explosion destroys all our comms and out ships are dead i nthe water, They take their hand powered sub, and go right under us. Nuke our cities and get back safe and sound.
  9. I love how you just completely ignore the political climate in that region and then tell everyone they're wrong. If you're american and go to Russia...you're screwed. Their recent proganda is training their children to hate amwericans to the bone. They'd tear you limb form lmb, burn you, drag you underneath a car, and then blow up whatevers left without thinking twice. The reason us and Russia don't mix is mainly because of the political stances and because ever since WWII both our sides have feared the other power because of the confilcting world powers. Thinking someone else can take you out is a scary thought, and that's what caused the cold war. They were preparing to take us out while we were weak, and right now, we're going abck to that stance. We are spread out across the world, with only 1/4 of our military here (3million sodliers). If I were Russia, I'ld attack Europe, then the U.S. Also I didn't include this, but in the paper I wrote on this, I lso stated about the Venezualan Al-Quedai cells in the jungles comming up and launching a joint strike on us with Russia and Iran. China included as thst was added in. Russia came form the North through alaska and into washington, Iran hit Florida, the cells hit texas, and China California. Russia and China join up at california and the Iraniansd held Florida..they and the teorrorists get their [wagon] handed to them, but because of use spread out across Europe and our own country we aren't able to hold off the russian and chinese. Supply routes? Through Hawaii and the bering strait. Our only hope would be to withdraw form ht eEuropean theater, butt he nthey would most liekly fall, and then all those russians and chinese would be here. Pretty much, we get screwed ither way. Nukes would ge tused, and exchanged heavily. Once 1 nuke goes up now, 15 more pop up. That's waht every country is afraid of. Unfrtuanelty, we have a monkey for a president who keeps trying to delcare war on Iran (e's tried i think 8 times in past 5 months, and is generals are about to resign).
  10. Canada would be neutral unless directly attacked and therefore, Russia won't touch them or I highly doubt it. Canada has always had a very nice neutral kind way of dealing with foreign affaris (I personally admikre their government and how everything is set up there, I just don't like the placement of Canada being extrmeely cold).
  11. I had a paper, which I'm changing which tlaked about all this. In it we were attacked by russia and were forced to nuke California before advancing with our feww soldiers left. It would take 2-3 nukes to do so though, and as we began our assault, they dropped 1 on us, takig ot a large chunk of our forces, and thus the nuclear war started.
  12. It's not an apocolypse first of all, and its 2012 as stated as being the end of times. The end of timies is when the clock is turned back, a nuclear war would cause this as all knowledge and power over the evnironment (look into the Mayan table) would be lost, and we would be back in the stone age. Thus, the end of times. The end of the word is like 3000 something.
  13. I believe we're on the brink of WWIII. A lot of epople say that we are unbeatable because of advanced techs, but...here's something that happened in Vietnam. We came 3 miles from the Chinese border while trying to get troops to a certain part of Vietnam, and the Chinese dispactched 1...just 1, of their divisions. Our normal division is roughly 100,000-200,000 soldiers. The divison they dispatched contained over 1 million soldiers. So, just recently on the news, it was stated that the Russians and Chinese, the only 2 countries that are a threat to the U.S. allied and are begginning training together. Also the Russian long range bomber flights began again, these flights are meant to practice their pilots for a long range attack, IE a nuclear attack or a good few thousand pound bomb to be dropped on an American city. Also, this is something that I thought should've gotten more attention, one of those flights went a mere 2 miles from one of our bases and the sodleirs reported them to look to be dropping bombs. This was one of those long range bomber flight. Reports say they were off course...but of course, and they don't notice it? An d continue their practice flight? Hm... Tom Clancy, my idol pretty much, stated that around 2010 our countries would be on the brink of yet another World War and that in this war it would be numbers and rescources that owuld matter most. The war would start with an allance against the U.S., such as the Cuban Pact of the Russian-Chinese Alliance. He also says how the only threats we, or the world in general have, are the Chinese and Russians because of shere numbers. If we were to have a slight chance, our soldiers would have to have a 1:80 kill ratio for our average foot sdoldier...our average foot sodliers have a 1:20 kill ratio. He also stated that they would mmost likely attack Europe with a follow up attack on the Continental United States, by doing so they would make us spread ourselves out, meaning we would then need a 1:120 kill ratio to hold them off. Now, the only issue, is how they get over here. Chinese sweat shops have shown an increase i nthe production of boats that could possibly be used to corss the Atlantic, and this combined with the new Russian territories linking them with the north Pole which leads down to our East Coast, we are at risk. So, not saying they will do this, but there is an extremely extremely high risk right now. And even if a few million soldiers comming towards you isnt enogugh (their initial invasion force would be roughly 120million-200million soldiers) the main risk would be how we'ld have to combat this. The only way we can do this, is a nuclear strike. And, as you know, 1 nuke brings 15. As soon as a country sees a nuke i nthe air, they freak and send theirs, and then another sends theirs, and so the cycle continues until the bibilical and Myan "End of Times". Now, getting religious. The Myan Claender predeicts the end of times to be 2012, oddly enough, this would be just 2-3 years into WWIII if it were to start sooner than predicted. THe end of times would be when we are set back to the stone age, all knowledge, control of the environment, etc is gone which is what would happen if 20+ nukes were to be detonated. So, discuss, what do you think will happen in the next few years? Do you think we're at risk? Or do you think I'm a paranoid [wagon] that should go make a hole and bury myself alive in it?
  14. "Selling myself for a hundred dollars" "You're not worth that much?" "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutley" "Impossible is a word thrown around by the weak who choose not to explore the true power bestowed upon them. Impossible is a word created by the scared, impossible is a false word. Impossible is nothing." "Life sucks, wear a helmet" "If I charge, follow me. If I die, avenge me. If I retreat, kill me" "Wise men do first what the ignorant do finally" "A single death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic" "The war between good and evil will exist so long as each denies to accept the fact they are one in the same" "All wars are civil wars" "The people of our country glorify things that aren't worthy, and it's usually war" "Happiness is a mushroom cloud" "Humans are the only creature with the power to change the Earth, but the only creature ignorant enough to use that power to kill themselves off" "It takes the greatest of enemies to form the greatest of alliances." "Make two fists and put them together, thats the size of the space inside your head were rocks are kept" "A hundred years from now man will still struggle to tie their showlaces" "Anyone can do anything, professionals built the Titanic, while an amateur built the Ark" "Where is there a toilet in this game?" "Give me money dameit!" "My main will pwn you" "Too bad we aren't in the wild" "Combat level means nothing in the normal world, all that matters in the normal world is money, and power. If you want it to matter, go to the wild and leave us normal folk be." "Threaten one of our members, you threaten us as a whole. You threaten our allies, our peers." "I seek to protect, and if another seeks to destroy, I'll be sure to destroy him or die trying" "A war was fought once in RuneScape...so large, so brutal, that it spawned fights in the real world. So vile, that the evil power in the war sought to control the wild, and yet there were the few, the wise, the heroes who stood up to protect their peers. The war since ended, the battles silenced, and the heroes spread across the lands. The evil eradicated to never be seen again in RuneScape. Now I ask myself, how could this be kept a secret?" "For how beuatiful life is...we must remember there is an anitthesis for everything, and it is this we must destroy."
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