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  1. I certainly believe that there will be more than one, eventually. The only reason why I think that is because of the value which Jagex places on teamwork and group activities. We've seen an increase in content like this recently, and I'm sure it will continue. I'd say unsoloable monsters falls under that category.
  2. This is why I save practically every drop. Eventually I'll have enough to put it all into good use.
  3. I'm well aware. However that's only on either steel or rune helmets and kite shields... not the answer I'm looking for now is it? The issue isn't so much the armor, though it's an area I'm pushing for improvement in, as it is the general diversity, or the lack thereof, of everything. That is not true either. The items in the game may not be so diverse, but people sure are. While you, hypothetically, may enjoy [bleep]y armor with huge bulky shoulders, I'm more for smooth and sleek... just an example.
  4. Would you happen to be exaggerating on that claim? Not to personally attack you or anything, it's just that I really don't think that's true...
  5. There are certain items out there which I have, quite frankly, become bored with looking at. What I am really talking about is armor. I'm just sick of the same old same old, and having everyone look the same. I just have a wish to be able to take my standard armor and have it converted, possibly for a price, into something of my own creation. I know the idea of 'customizable everything' has been around for a long time, but I feel as though it should be a pressing issue. Why should Jagex decide what we wear? Don't misinterpret; this thread is not a suggestion, but I do recommend that standard pieces of armor (bronze - dragon) be able to be taken to a smithy and redesigned by the player. I don't think many people have the desire to redesign pieces of dragon armor, but the point is to have the same bonuses with a more personally ideal look. Perhaps you could buy a "blank" piece of armor which possesses stats corresponding to each type of metal, which then can be designed. Just a though! How does everybody else feel? Anybody else a bit bored with the current options? I'm not saying that there aren't good options, just not enough to satisfy my taste and needs at the same time. What say you to a little variety, or are you just fine with what we have?
  6. Though I don't ignore the shooting star event and the nice prizes, I do try to ignore the fact that a alien pops out when you're done mining the "star". It's just... dumb..
  7. I wouldn't waste your money right now then... unless you're using members benefits to train those f2p skills faster.
  8. I can definitely relate. Now that I think of it, I also try to ignore chinchompas. The concept of animal grenades is something I find to be way too ridiculous. The way hunting is set up in general, too. Its almost the same thing as using a cow as an explosive beause of their methan content. :thumbsup: Heheh. Indeed, in WWII The United States utilized a secret deadly weapon which came to be known as the "Burger Bomb". Careful though, don't give Jagex any ideas... they'd totally do it. And I would totally ignore it.
  9. Now that I really think about it, summoning is something I ignore. I don't like the fact that you can just 'pull' animals, most of ridiculous design, out of little pouches. I was pretty much on the 'summoning will turn RuneScape into PetScape' boat from the start. I also try to ignore all of the game clutter. There really is TOO MUCH STUFF.. everywhere! You know what I mean? I hate how Jagex turns a once undeveloped, easy on the eyes area into something skill/quest related. Most recently would be how they just stuck that little witch caravan next to the Legend's Guild. It used to be nice there!
  10. I can definitely relate. Now that I think of it, I also try to ignore chinchompas. The concept of animal grenades is something I find to be way too ridiculous. The way hunting is set up in general, too.
  11. Whew! (it's been some time since my last post.) Runescape, being a world of fantasy by nature, is comprised of some pleasantly out-of-this-world elements. I'd like to know though; would you agree with me if I were to say that certain things found throughout the game are a bit too ridiculous? Yep, there are some aspects of RuneScape I would be quick to remove because of this. However, I lack that kind of power. As a result, I choose to ignore and painfully pretend the things which stray too far from my imagination don't exist. Why do I feel the way I do about them? Well, to me, some are just plain stupid! My examples -The entire penguin saga going on; pengin spys, and especially their KBG-esque organization. -Certain summoning familiars- especially that evil turnip and compost mound Discuss what you try to ignore about RuneScape, and why.
  12. Bon qui qui... without a doubt. Hah, or Charlie. That seems more likely.
  13. Well hey, if you come to just hang around safe zones the whole time, don't come at all. I still say do whatever it takes to stay alive. Oh, and to say that the point of pking is to kill is really stating the obvious. Thanks. Thanks once more for allowing me to make the point that if you are pking, along with the intent to kill is the necessity to stay alive. Hence if you feel the need to eat, I wouldn't call it safing, I would call it being smart. Not eating if you're going to die is.. well, for lack of a better word, stupid. Honor pking? Whatever. If there's a single way in which you can put your opponent at a disadvantage, then do it if you really want to win. If not, then have fun beating away at each-other with no result I get asked why I bother to train defense, and I say "so you can't hit me". (Duh. If all my combat stats are balanced, then I'm flawless relative to my combat level.) Similarly, when I get accused of safing (which as I said before, I tend not to "do" anyway) I just laugh and say "at least I'm not dead".
  14. I'm not saying that "safing" is bad, because really, if you need to eat, then you eat. Thats the point of having food, and the point of any fight, pvp or pvnpc is to not die. However I only eat at around 1/4 hp, or when I'm below my opponents max hit (which I'd hopefully be aware of), in order to conserve food. Maybe thats not a very good tactic, but hey, I do what works, and I do what I think wont get me killed. As many have said; screw you, I want to live.
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