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  1. I Have Bloodey and We use tipit
  2. Random guess, Duke Nukem?
  3. Yes it does, untill the payments over, so $873million to go.
  4. True Crime: Streets of LA?
  5. Be supportive of what she's feeling, just listen if she has to talk, don't be bossy or try to tell her that she's stupid or that "her life is so great why should she be suicidal?" It might make him feel worse. Try to be positive to what she wants in life besides suicide (perhaps if she feels like there is something missing in her life, or has a goal that she feels is not possible to reach). It might not be a good idea to tell her parents, they might be part of the problem not part of the solution, and you don't want to make her life any worse, if she's already at that point of wanting to die. Listen but don't be judgemental.
  6. Fired from the egg club, because owning two eggs is clearly against the rules.
  7. Someone will use you for adult wrestling moves copied from a Playstation game.
  8. Leet is for people who haven't got a nice pet. Why am I so sexy?
  9. Aah I'm too late. Yes it is Blitz- the league.
  10. gratz but you got 90 summoning but your summoning is still 84
  11. I'v got a 3 button cell phone. The buttons are my index finger, middle finger, and ring finger. The speaker is the thumb and the talky into part is the pinky
  12. Recently the 3 biggest auto industries in the USA have gone bankrupt, so they are asking the bank for a 25 billion dollar loan. The bank has to decide between these pros and cons: The bank may not want to give them the loan because American's don't want to buy SUV's or Trucks' (gas hogs.) Although the price of gas is going down, American's are starting to realize that things from Toyota give a lot better gas mileage. Toyota isn't in debt neither, therefore they can upkeep a fair warranty and down payment deals on vehicles. But, The bank may want to give them a loan because these industries have been with them for more than 50 years. This is only the 2nd crisis in these industries since 1970's. The reason that the 3 big industries are in debt is because they pay their employees a huge amount of salary, give them full health benefits, give them a full pension after they are 45 years old, and multiple other discounts on certain products (almost anything over $1000 that isn't foreign) Employees at these industries complain, "Hey, we are not lazy, nor are we babies. We have worked for these benefits and pay" What are you thoughts over this?
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