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    I live in a stroler
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    I like sneaking up behind people who look at my profile - Don't look behind you!
  1. I've ben thinking, and why doesn't jagex make a runescape for the ds or psp? they could use wi fi to make it an online game. Maybe that isn't right though, because only 8 people could play at once. How about the xbox? using xbox live it would be an online game. Does anyone else have the same idea? They could also make an improved version of runescape for the xbox 360 also...
  2. Eh... Can it be changed to 11:30 AM eastern time? If not, then im sorry, i cant attend it. If so, I have a really cool present thats worth 30k (i dunno, i think its worth 60k) that i've been wanting to get rid of.
  3. You see a King Black Dragon! You poke it Oh dear you are dead!
  4. And then you die because u were thinking about thinking.
  5. and then a giant tuna falls from the sky and squishes everyone. THE END.
  6. and then the lvl 1 magician teleothers a king blk dragon behind you and you're so scared you fall into a pit of lava.
  7. that'll be a good place to beg for money! count me in :D .
  8. And it just so happens the lvl 1 magician is me, and i stab you to death with a dull butter knife :D .
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