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  1. Uh yea, its happened to me when i pk and stuff. Its just that when your press backstpace when their isnt anythin to erase mostly accidental it does that. SolutioN: try not pressing it:)
  2. can any1 anwser me with a good 1..its not cause the wurld is full just wont let me load it. i can click it nothin happens
  3. well i usually hold drops for me clan to about 200-300k worht. I've had lik 2 drop parties that have been public. One was big...and i gues si dropped around 800k
  4. My first kiss was when i was 2. My mom says i kissed her on the cheek then i went to dad and did the same thing [:)]
  5. Hello, For some reason when i try to log on wurld 1 i click it - it wont work. LIke it doesnt even load, all the other wurlds work. Whats the problem?:( EDIT: NO ITS NOT CAUSE ITS FULL.. LOL IM NOT THAT NOOBISH
  6. Hello, I'm 81 combat with 69 strength. About 32 k exp until 70. I need to know..... What's the fastest way to get to 70 str with an F2p MOnster. I need to know how mcuh thee monsters gives exp per hour...and other good things. Thanks
  7. Hey, I'm starting this soon... Once i buy 80k feathers i'm gunna start fishing trouts and salmon for fast exp. I am an f2p , and this will be really hard. I hope i finish in less then a month lol:P. If anyone's got any advice please give me i'm starting very soon! It'd also give me around 87 fishing{ im 60 now } . Status:Not Started Yet... Soon to.. though
  8. I need help knowning what it does. I need full explantion, Thanks
  9. Well, in september my main was banned. 82 Combat, absoultelyt AMAZING f2p skills over 1000 total level with like 78 mage, 68 crafting , 68 smithing , 62 mining, 54 runecrafting, 54 prayer, and like 65 cooking- pretty godo forf2p. Had him for about 20 months,had 20+ m on him, also had a santa back then 5m now 15-20 so what i did is i first of all made a new account to tell every1 he got banned, then i quit until january, and came back and trained my guy today he's lvl 81 cb :)
  10. i ask my firend on rs, maybei sohuld move on with puttin u on ignore, he goes =[ . im liek dont give me that look when you've asked me to jump off a cliff and die, he says lol i was joking noob. I dont get him...
  11. Yes,but i'd also loose the clan members " he's been cahtting with about me" probably, and meh.. I've had about 4 of my best friends rite back from the 2004 days gone, and this 1 to:( ..
  12. but i'd sort of miss him, i know he's been saying all this bs about me- but he used to be a cool guy and i'd think i'd miss him..:(
  13. Hello Tip.it Readers, I have been friends with some1 i dont want to name for 2 years. We knew each other right from the start when we were noobs at lvl 30 about. I got to know him when we were making our money in the old days of 2004, buy merchanting essence. Boy i remember those days every1 used to merchant essence! We used to pk together, help each other make money, joke around, fight around each other it was fun. As we got a bit higher, i decieded to make a clan called dtor- da tricksters of runescape - which is still in runescape. We always pked each other, talked about shows, and stuff, and we were just really close friends. As i got to lvl 81 , my account was banned- martinb10 - so i had to start over on a all new fresh account. He was at lvl 90 something while i was at level 3, but now it's a bit closer- im 81 ' hes 98. We always made shops together, pked together like 10 hours a week, etc. But now, it seems like he hates me, and he's talking to people about me , telling me harsh coments. I am a clan leader, and he says im being to bossy and selfish. The selfish part i dont know where he got from, i put in my clan atleast 1m a month. Bossy, im not neccearly bossy, but i get mad when peopel don't listen- it's not easy leading 10, 20 , 30 people in the wild when every1s talking about their own thing and not listening. I mean were pking and some1 wonders off i have the right to say where are you going?? right, and if we find people and no1s helping, and im the only one attacking i have the right to say BE AWAKE, cause its pretty stupid not to attack cause your busy talking. My friend in the past 2 months or say i have relized he's telling me lots of harsh things to me, like come on quit rs, every1 hates you, and uch worse and more then that. I used to joke about it, but saying it every1 day it's obviosuly no lie. With 95 % of my clan member I KNOW they like me, and respect me as a leader. With some, they think im just a simply joke. Today is where i have had enuf. He tells me " Do you know all the converstations ive had with some of your clan members..they al ltell me they hate you. They all think your bossy, selfish, moody, so go die. Go die, go kill your self jump out of a cliff and die. Please quit rs , every1 would be much better without u. Being his friend for 2 years, i knew that wasn't the old him. I dunno should i quit rs, im a leader of 80-100 member clan, and a owner of a couple shops. After these harsh words of his i don't know what to do ive had a headace and i might just quit.. Please tell me what i should do..
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