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  1. I'm not joking, but I can't seem to remember what pogs were. Were they those things that had like a cartoon head and would flip open with candy inside? or something like that? When you are talking about the wristbands, are you talking about Livestrongs? I still have one. Lol, remember how everyone had pokemon cards, but NO ONE knew how to play it? IMHO, yugioh was a GOOD card game. Yes, I said it. -.- It was like the only simple card game. Attack and the bigger number wins. How much more simple can it get? And I know there were all the magic cards and stuff but lets just forget them.
  2. Let me think: CrazyBones, Power Rangers, Barney, Pokemon Games/ Cards, Beyblades (I remembered playing these things at recess, where a guy would bring the 'arena' and we would all do it), Wallball (that was an actual game), Yugioh, Bionicles, Legos, Hot Wheels, Runescape, Naruto, Anime/ Manga (where I basically read through a whole series in like two weeks), Sparkly Pens, Halo Series, Dinosaurs, Nerf Guns, Harry Potter (when the movie came out), Gameboys (who remembers the one WITHOUT color!?), Star Wars (when I saw the first movie of the second trilogy, I was so confused, now like 6 years later, I finally got to watch the whole two trilogies, and I feel like I was the dumbest guy ever), Lord of the Ring (with all the toys and everything), board games, and 20 questions! Holy Crap! That was the most addicting thing. EVER.
  3. why would you have to change genders cant just find a girl/guy? Girls have cooties, duh. isn't the girl: boy ratio in RS like 2:10? I think its 1:5 What about Earth Day? I don't really know what you can do with Earth Day though. 2:10 = 1:5 Maths is serious buziness! lol, sorry for typing that. I know 2:10 is equal to 1:5, but I kinda typed that at around midnight yesterday, give me some slack. #-o EDIT: My guess is right around the mark isn't it? Or is more like 1:10?
  4. why would you have to change genders cant just find a girl/guy? Girls have cooties, duh. isn't the girl: boy ratio in RS like 2:10?
  5. Chinese New Year FTW. Or 4th of July. Emote: jump into a box full of fire crackers. Item: throw the firecrackers at people? No bad idea... But a RS holiday might not be a bad idea... I'm not member, so I don't know any back stories to RS's History, but what if they had some event where you can relive the God Wars... Epic fighting... And it could be on a special date, like the anniversary of RS (does anyone know the actual date?)! And it would have some cool story to it and everything, and the reward could be some sort of clothing that would reflect your chosen side.
  6. I have read every single post. And the more I read, the more dissapointed I have become. Why? Because I started 2 months before summer vacation started in 2004 (did RS2 come out yet?), and I am still a level 73 combat on my main. Epic fail, no? But, to just make myself feel better, I did quit RS for a better part of a year. I started RS when a friend of mine showed me it in class one day in 5th grade. I never got past it Tutorial Island with my first account of grim reap### (forgot them). I was just a little bit interested at the time, because Tutorial Island was just boring! I couldn't find that fishing spot for like at least half an hour! So after leaving RS, I found it on Miniclips, as the #1 game on the list. I was like "Wait, I've heard of that before...". I decided to make an account again, and named it grim reap437, partially because of my first account, partially because of my friend that showed me the game back in fifth grade, and because I try to use "Grim Reaper" or any parts of it in all games and anything that has you sign up and have an account of some sort. Since I finished part of Tutorial Island the first time, I remembered parts of it, I was still pretty confused when I got 'ported to Lumbridge. I stayed there, killing Goblins until I was a level 20 something. Yeah, that's how long I stayed there. I didn't even know what a General Store did, I had to drop my chicken feathers and colored beads, to make room for all the Goblin Armour I was picking up, oh what a hard decision it was... I got lucky. I moved after fifth grade so I was the new kid in school, but apparently, someone played RS in that class and had quit a while ago. I asked him if I could have his account, and he gave me his account; bballer007, and this is where I got hooked. Bballer007 was a level 71, and to a RS player with a level 20 character experience in the game, he was like a God. The first time I logged on with Bballer, he was in the Hill Giants Cave, I was basically killing them with my bare hands. I basically quit grim reap, because now I had this super ultra mega uber character! I basically discovered most of the things that made RS tick on this account, because he was such a higher level, I could explore more, with less worry of dieing and other things. I stayed in that cave for quite a while and decided to explore, just a wee bit, and found that the door was locked, so I climbed back downstairs and saw a mine! I knew how to mine! But I had no pickaxe, so I decided to buy the cool blue looking one from a level 50 ish. And here is where the term "Noob" was coined: I tried buying the cool looking blue pickaxe with 200 some GP and feathers and a normal staff. Yeah. If that didn't invent the word "Noob", I really want to know what did. I think someone or I just found the key to the door, but somehow, I eventually got out, and found Varrock. I had no clue that another city existed outside of Lumbridge. I eventually got to exploring every city that was f2p, and basically learning mediocre knowledge about all the skills and combat and whatnot. Then I got hacked. I think it was in RL, some guy sitting next to me must have seen my slow typing in the library, and so I lost Bballer007. But I was not sad. I had learned enough from Bballer, and I decided to go back to Grim Reap437, and I made swift progress. I went through every armor set, finished all the quests, and just having fun doing anything and everything. The thing I learned from this is that the prize is still what matters, but how you get there is a major factor. I had no clue what to do with a level 71 then, but now, I actually spent a lot of time getting my character to level 73, and I had fun doing it, instead of everyone calling me a noob because I tried to buy a rune pickaxe with feathers. Ok, and back to the story. I basically played like 1 - 2 hours for every 2 weeks for the past half year. But just like 2 days ago. I woke up at 1:00 AM, and decided I wanted RS. So I played until 7:00, because then I was super sleepy and because I had work, so I was thinking I should get some sleep. I finally mangaed to get to level 60 woodcutting, and attack to 60, strength to 61, and defense to 55. And that was on my main! What a saga!
  7. my first first. yay... this doesnt feel the way i thought it would... i have never gotten a dragon drop. but i guess i kinda understood the feeling the first time i got a rune drop, from the lesser demons. it was more of a "meh" feeling though. EDIT: omg! oh no you didn't! sigh...
  8. I'm surprised no one has quoted Master Chief yet. :| Cortana: Got an escape plan? Master Chief: Thought I'd try shooting my way out. Mix things up a little. Cortana: Bet you can't stick it. Master Chief: You're on. (After a hard drop into Covenant-held territory) Cortana: [irritated] Can we possibly make any more noise? (The Chief picks up a rocket launcher) I guess so. The first one is my favorite. :
  9. Reading this reminded me of something. Did anyone else see those ads about how George Bush's IQ was like 142? They were all over the place like a month ago. Is it true, I mean he must be pretty smart to be the President... :|
  10. I can't say this for sure, because I've never played CoD4, but I think that H3 is better. Just stating my opinion about the whole H3 and CoD4. :| What's gonna replace H3? I think Halo 4 will. There's going to be a sequel. I know it. -.- PS: Did someone mention CoD5?! Info?! :shock:
  11. After we download it, is there any way to revert back to your original Firefox, I don't know if I'll like the new FF...
  12. Would this link work? http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-rc.html
  13. Damn, all the FireFox sites are... lagging ( Does that work? )? Also, I can't even find WHERE to download it, all I can find is a "Firefox 3 Sneak Peak", anyone know where the actual thing is? #-o
  14. A lot of students in my school had a walkout ( is that what they are really called? ) today, Jan 10. They had it to protest the suspensions of 13 people in our school, they thought it was an unfair punishment. Aparently, ( I've heard most of this stuff from rumors, but i'm 85% sure these are true ) some mom found her underage daughter drunk one day, and decided to check her FaceBook profile, where she saw over 200 pics of kids drinking alcholic beverages. She put them on a disk and sent it to our dean. He announced that they didn't have anybody at all checking MySpace or FaceBook for things like this, but if something gets sent to them, they have to investigate. About 40 kids were called down to be asked questions about the pictures. The rumor said that over 200 people were suspended, but only 13 did. Throught texting and any sort of communication, the message was spread that there was going to be a walk out on Thursday, after first hour. On Thusday, after first hour, there was a crowd of about 100 people by the south doors. They were all going to walk out, but then the teachers and guards came out and most of them dissolved. The principle came out and started yelling at us ( bystanders, there were more of us then there were protesters ). After all of this, about 20 people left, most of them seniours, went to the parking lot, and I think they drove off. IMHO, the walk out was dumb. It didn't do anything, just caused a huge commotion. And the suspension wasn't that big either, out of the 42 people investigated, only 13 got suspended, the others just had to tell thier parents. No biggie, here are some links from our local news: http://www.kare11.com/news/news_article ... yid=492261 http://www.startribune.com/local/west/13549646.html ( lol, these probably explained the whole thing better than I did ) Did you think the walkout was dumb?
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