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  1. If you come back, talk to me pleasee

  2. VS Eternity [hide="For TWR Mod]Winning clan (both name + initials): Legendz (LGZ) Winning clan's member-list: [urlhttp://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=legendz[/url] Losing clan (both name + initials): Eternity (E) Losing clan's member-list: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=p_o_r Starting/ending ops of both clans (screenshot is valid proof): Starting: Ending: [/hide] War started with both clan massing a similar number, we know this would be a tough war, so we decided to get each other pumped by spanking each other (it worked). Anyway, it was neck and neck for the first 10 minute, then Eternity's number decrease while ours increase giving us a slight advantage. As the war continute, our teamspeak went down and we have to lead it old school style, great fun <3 Ty for this fantastic fight, clean as a whistle. Don't know if i m allow to post it but i thought FREE TWR points, might as well <3 ~ Dric Dric Driccy Dric Dric
  3. Clan Europe -vs- CS-Forces Matched Ops x2, round 1 - All styles. Round 2 - Melee Binds & Ranged Classic Map - Center Bounds, Ring Charging Allowed, Dungeoneering NOT Allowed, Corrupt Dragon NOT Allowed, We know this would be a tought war, we gear up, pumped ourself up and since Joeri boy weren't there eating his crisp/cookie, we were far more focus then previous war. Round 1:All Styles - CE Victorious - CE Starting Ops: 19 DG Starting Ops: 19 We ko the first pile and never look back, started off slow but build up and with our combat lvls, we were sure to see victory in this fight. CE Ending Ops: 14? DG Ending Ops: 0 Round 2: Melee Binds & Ranged - CE Victorious - CE Starting Ops: 18 DG Starting Ops: 18 War started with us once again dropping, since we got north last round, they were attacking first. We quickly dd and get ready for a good fight. They ko our first pile but we caught up soon afterwards and got the win. CE Ending: 11 DG Ending: 0 Thanks for the fight CS-Forces, looking forward to our next fight <3 - Dricy Dric Dric
  4. Clan Europe -vs- Lithuanian PK Team I approached LPT for a fight for this evening as we had nothing planned: 1hour CWRI, Turrets No Bounds, Ring Charging Allowed, Dungeoneering Not Allowed, Corrupt Dragon NOT Allowed, Rush on Sight 1hour CWRI: All Styles - CE Victorious - CE Starting Ops: 90 LPT Starting Ops: 93 The war started swiftly as both clan mass a similar number, we were preparing this as a pratice for our 2 v 2 CJ final. CE Ending Kills: 171 LPT Ending Kills: 108 Ty very much for the fight LPT, hopefully this gave us the pratice both clan needed. Thanks; Sir_Dricula
  5. Happy birthday youu! :D

  6. Thought i post some pics. Very nice win DF
  7. This is a massive waste, and it needs to be sorted now! Please support this campaign on this website http://www.fishfight.net. A large amount of people already voted but to get to the goverment and to change the laws, we need to get more. Spread the news and make sure you inform people about what is happening. This needs to be stop NOW!
  8. Recently I have watched a T.V program about a fish campaign. I was emotionally shocked at what happened and know straight away that this should be stop NOW ! [flash=400,360] This is what happening in the North Sea everyday, where fisherman are force to dump their fish because they are only allow to catch a specific species of fish under the european law. Any other species caught will have to be dump back into the ocean dead or alife. Please support this campaign by visiting this website http://www.fishfight.net/ and spread this campaign to everyone you know. Ty Sir_Dricula
  9. Congratz to Every clan who got an award ;)
  10. They're a team and he's on their memberlist. Grats AK. Lol Jack, that's not what i m on about, i have alot of pics that they broke rules. But the strange thing is... with every war topic the rules must be posted. Would you not post the rules for a war topic ?
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