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  1. My wife works in HR at a local, large hotel in the city we love. Per the hotel policy, any items left behind when a guest checks out must go to lost and found - which makes sense. But, after 30 days of the day it was registered by security/management, lost and found items can be claimed by staff. It’s usually not much but once in a while it’s something really good - in these cases there are a lot of people who want said item, so to make it fair they actually have a random drawing. Yesterday, my wife won the drawing. For an iPad Pro! Personal items like this with potential info, the hotel management policy is to wipe The item if they can before they give it away. Which they did. They cleared the iPad to factory settings (you know, where you cut it on and it gives you the “hello welcome” screen to start setting it up). The PROBLEM, though, is we can’t set it up because the iPad is still connected to someone’s Apple ID/iCloud account. is there any possible way around this? I spent a while googling possible ways to bypass this but I couldn’t find anything. Nothing “simple”, at least. I am no tech genius so I don’t know anything about jailbreaking or all that – and about the only things I found that looked even remotely “simple“ were programs you had to pay for, and 10 minute tech savvy YouTube videos about putting stuff on a thumb drive and booting your computer in BIOS mode and blah blah blah (stuff that’s over my head, sadly). It’s been years since I’ve posted on these old Tip.it Forums but I thought I’d give it a shot! Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!
  2. Wow. It has been literally FOREVER since I've played Runescape, or even signed in to the forums here. I randomly decided to come on the forums just to see how much things have changed and I happened to see this very old topic get bumped. Nobody has set the record straight (from what I can tell) so allow me to clarify this entire situation: First: this list is not 100% accurate. To be on the list, you had to have SIGNED IN at some point when the list was still relevant for your name to be up there. So in all honesty, there could be hundreds of accounts that were technically within "the first 2,000 accounts ever made" that don't appear on the list because they never signed back in to those account(s). Make sense? Second: the list comes from Runescape itself. Way back in the day, sometime in 2001, the High Scores on the Runescape website included the 'Herblaw' skill. However, the skill had not yet been added to the game. So on the 'Herblaw High Scores' section it automatically ranked players NOT based on their level/experience (as all of the other High Scores tables were listed) but rather by an account's creation date. So from #1 to #2000 it listed the accounts in order from their creation date (earliest to latest). But as I mentioned above, you had to have signed on to said account for it to be counted in the High Scores list... which is why the list is not 100% accurate. And there you have it. I used to have an actual picture of the Herblaw High Scores table that showed everyone on this list but that was 2 or 3 computers ago and they're sadly long gone, along with a mountain of other pictures from back in the day. Anyway... hope this helped clear any questions up for anyone!
  3. Last night when I left my apartment, my desktop was running as usual. Ealier this morning when I got back, I cut on the monitor and double clicked Firefox. Nothing came up. So I doubled clicked firefox again and STILL nothing came up. I figured I would check out if it was running, so I hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete and the computer froze. I held down the power button on the tower to shut down, and when I started it back up, it was a black screen with the Acer logo and two options: "DEL: Setup F12: Boot Menu" Confused, I hit F12 to enter Boot Menu. The next screen was a black screen and a message that read: "REBOOT AND SELECRT PROPER BOOT DEVICE OR INSERT BOOT MEDIA IN SELECTED BOOT DEVICE AND PRESS ANY KEY" No matter what I hit, it would just pop up the exact same message over and over again. So I restarted again and hit DELETE to enter the Setup, and got a blue screen with a bunch of options like Produvt Information, Standard CMOS Features, Advanced BIOS Features, PC Health Status, and so on. I tried everything but none of the options made any sense to me. I changed the boot sequence to CD/DVD as primary and put in the recovery disk but after going through every option (Fix Boot Error, Restore from Restore Point, even Factory Restore) and nothing worked. So I decided I would put in the Windows 7 Professional disk I have and completely re-install the operating system all together. When I put the disk in and it started up, it told me to select the driver on which to load the OS. There are NO drivers listed!! Because there are no drivers listed, I couldn't go any further with the OS installation. What in God's name have I done to my computer? I haven't been to any suspicious websites, downloaded any suspicious software, it had a firewall and had anti-virus running 24/7... I literally have no idea what has happened.
  4. Re-checked over every bit of code through Runhosting.... it's all correct, but still not working. I even completely copied everything from one of the pages that IS working, replaced the actual information from the page that isn't, and THAT didn't work either. It has to be something with Runhosting because this is the first time I've ever had any problems like this and the coding, as I've said multiple times already, has not been touched (and it all works flawlessly when I go through the website through my desktop). Sorry guys! Guess this was just one big waste of time. I'm going to see if I can find another decent free/no ads hosting website and check if it works. Anyone have any suggestions? I realize I'm going to have to use a free subdomain, and I'm fine with that, as long as it isn't anything crazy like mywebsite.getyourfreewebsitehostinghere.uk :blink:
  5. It can't be a problem with the code, though. Every link works flawlessly when I open the webpage through my computer. The problem started when I uploaded all the files to RunHosting; and even still, I haven't touched the code. I've double, triple, and quadruple checked the problem links and they are perfect (it's not even complex coding anyways :lol: ). Everything else works. I've got a bit more time on my hands today than I did late last night so I'm going to try and figure it out myself first. If all else fails I'll just post the code. Thanks guys!
  6. Once again I bring my rare problem(s) to the brilliant minds of Tip.it. I highly doubt this one will be an easy fix, considering the fact I'm giving as few details as possible ( :unsure: ) but I have no doubt in you! I'll be as descriptive and detailed as possible. ----- I'm in the very early stages of starting a new (personal) website; based solely on fun and managing my boredom. Do I want to purchase a domain and pay per year to keep a website up that might get 30 visits a month (if I'm lucky)? Absolutely not. So I found what seems to be a fairly simply, "no forced ads" based hosting site that would meet my very low needs. The hosting website is http://www.runhosting.com & it's nothing to brag about but it absolutely does BEYOND the job I need. At one point I used 110mb.com, but it's been swarmed with stupidity to the point you have to complete surveys and/or downloads to even get their free service (although I can't blame them). But here's what bring me to Tip.it.... I've hit some random problems: The above picture is obviously my File Manager. I've uploaded my currently finished pages, CSS file, as well as all the current "img" files I need. Everything works flawlessly when you visit the web address except for 2 of the links: The arrows point to the links that DO NOT WORK. Why don't they work? I'm baffled. Every piece of coding matches up perfectly, and all other links work flawlessly. But when I click the 2 arrowed links (and even type them in manually) I get this screen: It just doesn't make sense to me. I've checked, double checked, and triple checked all the links: they match up 100%. On top of that, those are the only 2 things that aren't working... everything else shows up and works like they're supposed to. Is this a hosting problem? I refuse to believe it's a problem on my end, considering I uploaded everything from saved files that prove to work via my actual saved copies. 110mb.com used to be so easy and simple, without any problems, but if anyone can help me with THIS problem or suggest a new host then I'm stuck. I understand it's probably hard to even answer since I'm hiding a lot of the information.... but that's my whole point: it's all correct, 100%, and it's been proven because it's all been hosted flawlessly with no problems multiple times; but my past web hosts find the content dismissible for some reason (it is basically blogs/stories of my drunken sexual adventures typed out in sometimes vivid detail :mellow: ) so they get shut down or removed. But as said, it's all the same content... all proven to work... just confused why these couple pages don't?
  7. I realize that nobody here probably uses http://www.wix.com/, considering it's basically a "drag and drop" website builder with little functionality for those novice programmers who are too lazy to learn any actual coding. That being said... I was wondering if you guys could help me out with a problem I'm having with it :mellow: . I work at a "small" medical center, and the girl in charge of marketing asked me if I knew anything about web hosting today. My knowledge, or lack there of, is less than impressive in this sort of thing but she's good looking enough to take me from my desk :huh: . She tried explaining the situation to the best of her ability, but for the life of me I have no clue what she was trying to say (and I'm not sure she did). This is what I believe the problem is: I can't remember the domain hosting website, but Wix is the actual website builder she used. She then tried explaining about how she called Wix Support (and the website's host) and they walked her through all kinds of things. Host the DNS with the email provider (presumably the actualy domain host) and point the A records to Wix. Does anyone have any clue what I'm talking about here? It went straight over my head and has been bugging me all day. I Googled around a bit but I have no clue what I'm looking for because I've never messed around with anything like this. She might just be oblivious to this sort of thing, and then again it's possible I misunderstood the problem she was trying to explain. Maybe both. Help?
  8. I read it. I just didn't feel like going that route ;) . He didn't need anything on it, anyway, it's not even their primary computer (just when they're too lazy to walk upstairs to the office Desktop to check Facebook haha). Thanks again everyone!
  9. You can't get to it. To get to the Factory Default run-through, you have to be able to Launch Windows Repair... which won't launch. Again, I'm not 100% sure if it has a recovery partition, but I'm almost positive it does because I believe he's reformatted the laptop in the past. I've Googled everything I know but they all suggested logging in to Safe mode (can't) or launching Windows Repair (can't). If it has one you CAN get to it. Recovery partitions are not designed be access once the system has loaded up. If there is a recovery partition there will be a key combination to press during the boot sequence to load it up; the same way you press a button to make BIOS open or the boot menu. Eg Mac osx lion you hold command+r (i think that's the one) during boot to make the recovery partition load. It was never listed. And I found nothing through a quick Google search. There is indeed a Recovery Partition. because I ended up having to reformat the Windows partition and reinstall Windows 7 completely for everything to work (and a Recovery partition was listed when I was going through the process). but I have presumably fixed the problem, he just unfortunately lost every single thing that he had :ohnoes: . Better than paying someone to do it or buying an entirely new computer, so he shouldn't be too upset! thanks for all the replies guys. I haven't played Runescape in years and I very rarely poke around the forums... but I always come here for computer problems because of the quick responses & the awesome help!
  10. Nope. Didn't work. It found 107 infected files, removed them, and it still won't boot to Desktop. I am legitimately confused & frustrated at this point... suggestions?
  11. I am on windows 7. But I Safe Mode won't boot up... it just sends me to the black screen (1st picture) over and over again no matter what boot up I try :( . I'm afraid this AVG Rescue CD is my only "easy" way out. I haven't done a whole lot with computers, but last time I tried dealing with the uninstalling/reinstalling of the Windows partition I ended up screwing up big time :unsure:
  12. Couldn't get to it :( . But, I think I may have a little bit of hope. I managed to find AVG's Rescure CD Guide. I downloaded & burned the ISO file and finally got in to BIOS to change the boot process. Unless I managed to screw something up, AVG is successfully running it's virus scan as we speak and has already found 6 detections in about 15 minutes. Here's to hoping :thumbsup: .
  13. You can't get to it. To get to the Factory Default run-through, you have to be able to Launch Windows Repair... which won't launch. Again, I'm not 100% sure if it has a recovery partition, but I'm almost positive it does because I believe he's reformatted the laptop in the past. I've Googled everything I know but they all suggested logging in to Safe mode (can't) or launching Windows Repair (can't).
  14. My brother's laptop, mysteriously, got infected with Blasterworm. I tried walking him through some possible solutions over the phone, which included downloading & running Avira Free. He started up the download and let it run. When I woke up the next morning, he claimed that it had found a handful of infections but he claims Avira auto-restarted his computer. Now it doesn't boot up... at all: That's what it boots to now. Choosing either option does nothing but re-loads it (like you had just cut it on), and gets you right back to the same screen.The only thing that doesn't send me to that screen is when I hit F12 and it takes me to the Boot Options screen. Gives me 5 things to choose from: Internal HDD, Cd/DVD/CD-RW Drive, Onboard NIC, BIOS Setup, and Diagnostics. All of these sends me back to the original screen like in the picture above. The only one that doesn't is Diagnostics, which takes me to a blue screen and starts running all kinds of tests that I don't understand :blink: . He doesn't have a recovery CD. If I'm not mistaken, this laptop was one of those that had the recovery drive already built in. But we can't get to it. Is this bad boy shot? Or is there something I can do before throwing it out.
  15. I came back from a weekend trip out of town to this :blink: . Not sure why my connections are all back to normal, but my upload speed is even double what it used to be. Thanks for all the information guys!
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